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Berries Galore!

BearBerry3 (215k image)

The raspberries are having a bumper year, the blackberries, tho not yet ripe, are loaded and I just noticed the Bear-berry out by the old tulip tub is also showing a full crop. I understand these can be eaten, but the ones I tried were not what I’d call palatable. But they are pretty. Don’t know if the bears eat them or not, but I hope they don’t come after those in my yard, anyway!
Smoke is easing off here.
Hope your week is going well! πŸ™‚

Wild Black cap raspberries

raspberries (196k image)

This is a great year for berries. I have never see so many blackcaps! I even have them in the yard, tho this bowlful didn’t come from there. There is going to be a good crop of black berries, too, if they get enough sun though all this smoke to develop their sugar. And the apple & pear trees are loaded this year, too. Yuummmm!

What have I got?

shuttle3 (193k image)

My dh bought this today at a second hand shop and we think it’s a weaving shuttle but I never saw one like this. Can anyone enlighten us? On the inside under the bobbin it says 110 and R.G. Pratt Co. I have posted a couple photo’s on my web site.
The only thing I got from google was a seismic scientist by that name. I don’t think this has anything to do with earthquakes, tho! lol

A P.S. It apparently is a shuttle from a loom that weaves silk ribbon, an automated kind of thing, most of what I can find out mentions ‘antique’ but , frankly, if this is antique it was very little used, it does not look old or even very much used tho it does have a threaded bobbin in it. I cannot find a photo of the bobbin in a loom, however. Oh well…


RosySkunk (232k image)

Went up to do my shopping and spend a night with my sister. When coming back from the barn she discovered this young fellow sniffing his way along side the house looking for breakfast bugs. He wasn’t more than about 6 or 8 inches long, probably out on his own for the first time. Didn’t seem to notice us but we stayed out of range, just in case! :O He wandered off into the bird area after awhile and of course, I didn’t think of the camera until he was nearly gone, so you get a view of his bush! πŸ˜› I suggested that Sis capture, tame and de-scent him but she didn’t really go for the idea. Her hubby probably wouldn’t either, since he spends a lot of time trapping and moving these guys from other people’s property in his line of work.
But had a nice visit and got my shopping for the month done. It was beautifully clear up there but the smoke situation is much better here today as well. πŸ™‚

Lily Pad Lake and Thumb Rock.

LilyPad&ThumbRockblog (183k image)

It’s pretty easy to see how this lake got it’s name. Never have been sure about Poison Canyon, tho! That’s where the trail up starts. Very scenic and well maintained trail. The guys had a good hike, but the deer flies were out and gave Cori (dog) a hard time. You can still see a little smoke haze, but by and large a good day for a hike.
It was clear down here in the valley, too, and I got some mowing and blackberry trimming done. I picked about a cup of black cap raspberries in my yard but the boys came home with a half gallon that they picked along the road to the trail head! We’ll be having shortcake tonight! I’ve never seen this lush a wild raspberry crop. πŸ™‚
Hope your weekend was pleasant!

Upper springtime

TigerlilyLilyPadLake2 (379k image)

Randy and Cousin Dan hiked up Poison Canyon to Lily Pad Lake yesterday. It was a smoke-free day for a change and they had a good hike. It’s still springtime up there, green and blooming with the occasional left-over patch of snow. Randy said the meadow around the lake was full of lilies blooming. The heather and many other flowers were blooming, too.

Dam building

Dam4a (206k image)

It’s Randy and Dan and Cori (on the far bank) raising the diversion dam in Coffee Creek in order to keep water in Treasure Creek, which flows though the yard. Ours and a dozen or two other people’s. I got in and helped, too. It actually felt pretty good once I got over the initial shock of it. It’s a nice swimming hole now but a long walk up there and back. I still feel cool, tho. Hope your weekend went swimmingly! πŸ˜‰

A young’n

fawn3a (310k image)

This fawn (I think it’s our doe’s) was dutifully hunkered down in the grass where mom left it but when the guys raised the dam, the overflow leaked into it’s nest so it tip-toed across onto the higher & drier bank. I’m sure Mom will approve.

Our summer resident is back.

Doe (180k image)

She hasn’t got a fawn with her yet. And she made no move toward my tomatoes, just nibbled clover. Cori was yapping at something on the far side of the house and it seems to have made her slightly nervous so she wandered off over the bridge to try out Dan’s manicured lawns. Nothing but short stubby stuff over there. πŸ˜›

Tolly’s new jacket

TollyJacket6 (325k image)
{{popup TollyJacket6.jpg TollyJacket6 500×787}}TollyJacket6

This one was made using the 4 & 2″ Multi-Looms. Dunno if you can see the detail, but she has a real pocket, too. I put a hankie in it. This took 8 -4″ squares and 4 -2″ to top off the sleeves plus one for the pocket. Fits well and I think it looks nice. The purse was woven on a 2×4″ rectangle Randy made for me some time ago. I warped with the green and did the weaving with the yellow to spice it up a bit. The ducky button was just too cute to resist. πŸ™‚ Anyway, this is what I did today. It’s hot this week so I’ve been staying in as much as possible. I’ve only kept it 7 degrees cooler in here but I didn’t close the house totally. Supposed to be hotter tomorrow so I may get the rest of them. Trying to decide what I can make for dinner that doesn’t require cooking. Think I’m going to have to make a trip to town to purchase supplies for cold dinners. Himself still thinks he has to eat even if it is too hot to Cook! πŸ˜€