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Our Little SweetHeart.

It came about via a customer request and even tho I have not yet posted it to the web site we are already getting orders! I did make a little you tube video on how to weave it so I guess that shows that there are a few people who actually look at my movie productions! That’s heartening!

But here’s out little SweetHeart. You can see it and the rest of them at Canby this coming weekend at OFFF. Bring your umbrella!

DSC00671cardString of Hearts 3String of Hearts 1


What I’m weaving now.

Scarves. Hooded scarves, in fact. People keep wanting to buy my samples at the shows so I figure if I weave a few to sell, nobody will offer to buy them again! lol But if they do, I’ll be ready! Here’s some squares for one.











I’m working on the third one now. The one below was the first one & used the triangle loom and some Blue Sky Alpaca and some rainbow colored mohair.

tri scarf 2









The third one is  using the same alpaca but I dyed this one which was plain plain.  The color was called Toasted Almond which sounds very nice but to me it just looked a kind of pasty grey. So I got out my kool aid and gave it some help. I think. Anyway it’s keeping me busy while we get ready for  OFFF. The Green one is finihsed now and I’ve still got a few more squres to weave on this last one. I have more yarn but I think that’s enough for now.