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Denying it

Here's Robin denying that he had anything to do with destroying my roving while I ran next door for the camera. The rat! I spent most of today spinning the carder waste roving into tiny thread for a 3 plied yarn. Still have about half to go. Made a nice three ply yesterday from some unknown wool and some Samoyed. The wool is not as soft as I'd like, but the yarn turned out very well, I think.

Taz’s Favorite Dog.

Taz_Favorite_dog (45k image)
This is where she like to nap. She can watch out the window (white spce behind her… yes, it’s all snow) in case a bird or squirrel comes to breakfast on the seeds and nuts I toss there. All the afghans are to keep the cat hair on my antique love seat at a minimum this winter.

Keeping your ears warm!

watch_cap4 (19k image)
This cap is one of the projects in the big book “Weaveing On Hazel Rose Looms”. Easy to make using your warm handspun bulky wool yarns. Or another bulky yarn at hand for that matter! No bulky? Use two strand of regular worsted.

The birthday party

90th_birthday_sm (28k image)
Pop’s 90th went well. Here he is shaking hands with Randy’s grandmother who will be 100 next August. As usual I forgot my camera until we were all getting ready to leave. It was a happy and festive occasion, anyway, and several old friends came by, as well as all family within reach.

The New Knitting Loom

loom_photo (21k image)
This is the new knitting loom. It has nails with 1/4″ centers and the gap spacing adjusts from 3/8″ to 1″. There are some knitted samples so you can see the fabric on the next page. I am having fun with this new knitter. It makes very nice fabric!
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The finished product.

meat_tray_loom_weaving6 (66k image)
I tied the warp strings with a overhand knot. If the string are too short or your fingers to big, you can use your crochet hook to help. If you have used a large tray, your piece can now be folded and made into a purse or a marble bag or stuffed and used as a pin cushion. You can make a lot of them, and sew them together and make a scarf the hard way! 😛
Have fun!

It’s done

meat_tray_loom_weaving5 (25k image)
You can take it home and hang it on the wall, or you can turn it over and cut the warp string at the center of the tray. Be sure your ends are woven in and treat it gently once it’s off the loom. You will now tie the warp ends.
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Nearing the end

meat_tray_loom_weaving4 (23k image)
When I got to the end where the rulers wouldn’t work any more I folded the yarn into a small “skein” and used the hook to pull it though. Remember to weave in your ends.


meat_tray_loom_weaving3 (32k image)
I had a couple of rulers handy so used one as a shuttle and the other as a warp stick. You can make a shuttle out of a piece of cardboard. When I wove with the kids we used short pieces of yarn or the mylar bag strips or some ribbon, etc. So did not really need a shuttle and they used their fingers to open the warp. A crochet hook or bent wire would also work to open the shed and pull the yarn though. Be imaginative!