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Tri looming

There’s been some discussion on Facebook about making tri jackets and sweaters. I made this one years ago, before it began getting too small, those gremlins will keep doing this! Anyway here’s more or less what I did, using my adjustable triangle. These measurements are taken from the aged and much worn garment so are probably not too close to what it started as but will work as a guide since you’d have to make your own size decision. It will show how I put it together in any case.

Front: The large plaid tris are folded over at the shoulder front and back and the tip is folded back to make a cuff at the sleeve. The lines don’t always coincide with the photo but I think you can follow it. The one marked 10 inch is a small tri folded at the under arm to finish the sleeve. The points of the blue tris are folded under, the hypotenuse of those forming the hem front and back.

front layout

Back: The plaid tris are seamed up the back to about 5″ from the fold over, you’ll adjust that to fit you. The front opening and neckline are finished with a row of single crochet and one of reverse sc or crab stitch. This fit me pretty well back in the day. If you have a more rounded figure it may tend to hike up in the back a bit. I’ve gone to using the smaller looms as it gives me a bit more control over fit but this ought to be good for slimmer figures or for children.

back layout

I have a photo of myself wearing this but I don’t have a clue where it is. If I find it I’ll come back and add it. meantime, I hope this little bit of info is helpful to anyone wanting to make use of some nice handspun or even nice “store=bought”!  😉

Home again…

We had a great time on the road this last of September. Down to Booneville for the California Wool and Fiber Festival where we met some old friends and made some new ones, then up the coast to Oregon. We spent a couple days playing on the beach. The Oregon State parks are very nice, we had power and water, hot showers, all the amenities as well and lovely trails and beaches.

DSC03941 DSC03967 DSC03955 From the high places we watched the California Grey whales spouting, there were lots of them. That was pretty neat, even tho we couldn’t really see them close up. DSC03971 I got to sit in the sand and listen to the breakers.

Then we went on up to Canby for the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Meg Stump had taught a pin weaving class on Friday and recommended us to those of her students who didn’t have their own loom or who wanted to get a few more sizes. We met a lot of new weavers and, of course, many who had previously bought looms were coming back for more or for advice or just to chat. The weather was perfect and it was a lovely weekend. I bought yarn but did not spend all the profits so that balanced nicely, too! I think this one is going to be my Christmas vest.


I have been asked to teach next year, people seem to be interested in hints on how to make their own clothing with the looms, so I will be spending my winter deciding how to go about that. If you are one who does this and would like to share hints I’d love to see your work and hear what you have to say about the process.

And here’s a little fun thing that came home with me. Appropriate for this trip! Meg Stump’s mermaid! Isn’t she cute! She has a pretty little shell in her briefcase. Meg says she’ on her way to work. We get to guess… What kind of career would attract a mermaid…?