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The Shoe Project

(This is by the way but I just wanted to mention that I am not turning the comments on and off. This web page is doing it randomly and I can’t figure it out! If anyone know why this happens I’d appreciate a clue.)
I mentioned on my doll list that I was going to get Himself to make me a “cookie cutter” to cut the craft foam for making the soles of doll shoes. A lot of the members seemed to think that was a great idea. Well he has made it but it turns out that it is not feasible to make them to sell so what i am planning to do is to cut out the soles and sell them in kits. Here are three of the first 5 pair I’ve made. I think I’ve finally got it down. the red pair is made with some of that fabric that has the sequin-like disks fused onto it. They are lined but the next pair with such thin fabric will also be interfaced or lined with some stuff fusible iron on stuff. They fit but would be easier to get one if the back was a little stiffer. The felt pair go on easily. the sandals I’ve experimented with. One pair has sewn on snaps on the straps and the other pair, I glued the snaps on. We’ll see how long those stay on. I have a hunch it’s probably not going to be long. But all in all, I think I’m nearly ready!


What can you say. it’s January. Kinda like Monday. lol Well, we have been at work in the loom shop, Randy is helping a friend move as well. They are giving up their grocery and gift shop here in TC. Just can’t make ends meet anymore. We are slowly becoming a ghost town. Very depressing, very January.

But on the other hand Randy did finish building a car for our grandson, a model of our old Jimmy, which he loved. I think it looks great. The real one is bright red but this one is walnut and maple.

I am knitting and weaving and reading and doing laundry and rearranging furniture… you know, the kind of stuff you do in January.


January. Lots of indoor days, snow, rain, sleet, ice… Read the other day that 49 of 50 states have snow, Florida being the exception. Give me lots of time to occupy. Got the looms out the other day and tried a couple color patterns I’ve been thinking about. The hounds-tooth and a log cabin. Got both to work, but have not yet figured out the Log cabin in diagonal. Still trying. Here’s what I came up with.

Granmother’s Christmas Cactus which is over 50 years old got eaten off summer ’09 by a deer that wandered into the yard where we thought it was safe. It was down to stubs. It has made a very nice comeback, in fact, it looks better than ever, and Randy discovered this morning that it is even blooming! All the flowers are on the window side so this photo was taken from the deck. This is the first time it’s bloomed since Grandmother died and we inherited it. Cool!
My little one from Momma also has buds and that other pink plant- I can’t remember it’s name- has been blooming for some time. Randy says there is also bud on the potted petunia he brought in last fall. We have quite a bouquet in the window this cold January. It was 19 this morning. brrr!

A WAL… a weave along!

We’re having a little Weave along on Ravelry Looms To Go based on the popular sudoku puzzles. Some of you can make your own patterns but I can never solve those things so have to ‘cheat” and get somebody else’s answers. I got one done and even assembled it wrong but it was too late by the time I discovered that so it stays! 😉 Anyway, if you have a square loom… it doesn’t matter which one or what size, come join us! This is my first one. I’m using the 2″ square and making a doll blanket. I like dolls (Did you guess! lol) and it will go fairly fast, leaving me time to fit it in with all the rest of the stuff on my to-do list.
We had a sunny day today with a high of 36. The Weather Wizards have promised us sunshine nearly all week and even a couple of degrees warmer days and nights. That would be good. Hope the sun is shining on you, too. Get out you looms and join our WAL!