March Madness off to a maddening start!


Got  up to no phone and no internet! But here at 1 pm we’re back connected to the world. for now anyway!

Here’s the starting pattern. No picture yet, I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Just hope it doesn’t surprise me, too!

Random Squares.

©Hazel Spencer 2-2022

Loom orientated diagonally, like a diamond. The pin furthest from you will be Top, the one closest is Bottom. This pattern is woven over under just as is usual with diagonal continuous weaving. I am sharing the technique of making the patte4rn but not giving weaving lessons.

Center row:

  1. Light yarn, slip knot on top corner nail, tail brought out between bottom nail and the on just to the right of it.
  2. Adding a note here so clear up so apparent confusion, I hope:
  3. When you start with the single slip knot version, there will be two unwoven on the left side because you go over the last one and then you see the working yarn there, too. Just go with it, it works.”
  4. Dark yarn Long slip knot over light yarn to nail on each side of top and bottom center. 
  5. Light yarn over dark and around.
  6. Dark yarn
  7. dark yarn:  Note how the pattern seems to have changed direction. You may not be able to see this yet, but keep weaving.
  8. Light
  9. Dark
  10. Light
  11. Dark
  12. Light
  13. Dark
  14. Dark
  15. Light
  16. Dark
  17. Light
  18. Dark
  19. Dark
  20. Repeat rows 6-17 or as often as the number of nails on your loom allows. Your square will end with a single row.

You may not be able to see the pattern well, it may look sketchy. The best way to tell is to look at the weaving almost horizontally. But the next step is to take if off the loom. Stretch it side to side and smooth it out to relax and lightly full the yarns. Now you’ll see the pattern! Let us see what you have woven!

If you have already woven the first pattern as posted here (which is now corrected) you may end up with something like this, which is interesting but not what it was supposed to look like.  Just enjoy and try the new one.

I copied this to pages so as to keep it in sight for those who come later.

Here’s my finished afghan. The edging is a bit wonky but I didn’t want to frog and start over so it is what it is, not too bad.