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Spinning fun

new_yarn_roving3 (25k image)
This is fun with all these new colors to play with. I wasn’t satisfied with the skein colors I made yesterday but I think this one is going to come out better. The orange looks pretty bright here but I think the rest of the colors will modify it in the end. I hope. πŸ˜› Anyway, it makes a pretty picture. The fat “caterpillar” of the rolled batt, the snake of pulled roving and those neat balls, I think someone called them “muffins”, all ready to spin. If it turns out I’ll post a pic of the yarn and the square I weave with it.
Hope you’re having fun, too!

A collage

collage3 (85k image)
From start to finish, our dying project. There was more to it, of course and more colors. I have a large plastic trash bag stuffed with colorful carded batts to make into more yarns. And a bit more yarn to dye. Quite a bit more naturally colored to card and blend, as well. I spun up some alpaca today. L’il Guy gives a lovely black and white fleece. it was gently carded and I added a bit of holographic angelica… well that sparkly stuff, I’m not sure what it’s called, and it is making a lovely yarn! πŸ™‚ Now I have to decide what to ply with it.

Guess what I’ve been doing this week!?

This is just one batt I made from the fiber Rosy and I have been dying this week! We have had a whole week of fibering! We dyed and blended and spun. We also visited and ate and slept and went shopping. In fact… I bought a vidcam. I think that’s what it’s called. So we are working on making a movie about weaving on HRL’s. This Block Buster will not be out for sometime, tho, as my producer, camera man, technical director, best boy, & etc. has to figure out how to work the thing first. (That’s Rosy) She got to spend a lot fo time on the computer trying to figure out the soft ware while I carded really colorful wool.
We also visited Rosy’s spinning group in Rogue River yesterday. What nice bunch of ladies! We met in the library and entertained a group of kindergarten kiddies who were on a field trip there, too. But this morning I had to pack up and come home. Glad to be here but wanted to keep fibering! :laugh: Did my grocery shopping in the rain and arrived home late this afternoon. Now it’s time to go make dinner. Back in the rut! πŸ˜‰ but I was thinking! I visited The Colonel on the way down!

What I been doing…

BabyRomper3a (22k image)

Well, I made a mess of my sweater and after I’d frogged it 4 times I decided I probably wasn’t meant to do that just now so I knitted my baby doll a new romper instead. Actually, She’s getting a whole new layette. I’m working on a night gown now and then a soaker and, I think, a dress with ruffled panties might be cute. I’ve decided I’m going to donate several of my dolls to a children’s hospital or something like that. I enjoy making for them, but I really don’t need a houseful of dolls that could be giving some kid a little company.
I also got out my spinning wheel, oiled it up and actually spun two bobbins of yarn today. One of kid mohair that I plied with some wool (Westlydale?) that I had on a bobbin, and a spool of some carder waste I carded bats of last fall. I think I may try a felted bag with that, maybe on the 14 inch square. I’ve never tried felting this stuff but now seems a good time to find out.
Hope your January is going on warm and not too icy. Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, in which case I can wish you some cool! :hehe:


1-8-05c1 (36k image)
Very pretty, fluffy, white, dry snow yesterday. Today it’s slushing again and just cold and wet. Lost power from 10:30 pm to about 3:30 am. Not bad.
Sposed to see the sun by Thursday… πŸ™„

A White January

CCtrees4 (49k image)

It’s not exactly a white-out, but the top of the mountain has faded from view. It was snowing hard at 5 am this morning and just now more or less quit… 4pm. The forecast is not only calling for more snow, it’s also added hail to the list of goodies for us! πŸ˜₯ I see the snow is starting up again. Well, I was hoping to go north Monday but it looks like the pass may not be open. The state says they only have one small snowblower for that end of Hwy 3. 😦 I haven’t given up hope yet….

A White January

Randy_at_cutmini (25k image)

We drove up to Scott Mt. yesterday. They were just the getting the pass open and it’s snowing like the dickens again this morning down here, so you can guess what it’s doing at 5000+ feet. I was hoping to go to Rogue River on Tuesday but it looks like I might have to cancel if this keeps up… and the Weather Wizards think it’s going to. 😦
My glasses seem to be holding together… did I tell you I stepped on them? so I guess I can make it another week. Even if I went around the long way, though Redding, there’s still a couple of nice passes and I’ll be darned if I’m putting on chains!
Wish me blue skies! πŸ˜›

Machine Knit felted bag

FeltedBagDuring1 (28k image)

I think it was a success. πŸ™‚ It was pretty easy to knit and this old Red Heart wool yarn felts very well. Makes a nice, nearly hard, fabric that should hold it’s shape pretty good. Which is more than I can say for the handspun swatch. It’ll be very nice for a blanket or vest or a teddy bear, but not nearly full bodied enough to make a shapley cat bed. This bag could be made bigger, I’m pretty sure, and could probably have a flap added. I don’t think I will tho. At least not until I need another big bag! I’m going to test some more of that old stash yarn and see if I can make that cat bed.
By the way… we had sunshine today! :laugh:

ISM knit bag to felt

FeltedBagBefore (61k image)
This is what I did today. I dug out the email Laura sent about how she made hers and found some old Red heart wool in that stash Randy brought me and … ta-da! it’s all know except for the idiot cord . I decided it needed a bit of extra support there, but that is hand knit. I’ll toss it in the washer tomorrow and see what I get. It has a rectangular bottom, 50 stitches wide and 25 rows deep. It’s also 50 rows high. That’s about all I can tell you about it at this time.
It snowed a bit today, but the sun actually came out for a few minutes, too!
Hope you’re all staying warm and cozy! πŸ™‚