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A Snowy surprise!

Rosys_snow (73k image)
I took this photo this morning in Rogue River. You see there is not an alpaca or donkey in sight! They all had sense enough to stay in the barn. It wasn’t exactly a blizzard and was already melting by the time Sis and I left for Medford to do some Christmas shopping but it did sorta make it feel a bit more Christmassy. I got to creep down Scott Mt. (didn’t take my camera) because the whole north side was ice clear to the bottom! 4-wheel drive and 10mph. coming back this even it was gone, thank goodness.Well, we had a wonderful time and I think I have all my shopping taken care of. Except for the fruitcake. I’ll order it on-line.
Randy’s in the shop now so if you have looms in mind for anyone, better get your orders in soon. We are going to try to get everything out on time!

My new skirt

skirt2 (38k image)
It’s an FO! Here is my skirt. I knitted this on the ISM. Originally my pattern called for 6 gores but I ended up taking two of them out (I did swatch but obviously something went awry! lol)so it is four gores. It fits well and with the crocheted lace for the hem it hangs straight and added about 3″ to the length.I’m quite pleased with it! It only used up about half my denim yarn, tho so I’m going to have to make a poncho, I guess! lol 🙄

My Baseball cap

crochetedballcapFO4 (40k image)
I’m modeling it in the next photo but I wanted you to see it ‘cute’ first! lol This little red nosed guy and I wear the same size hats. The photo on the right is trying to show the back where I modified the pattern to give it the hole in the back like Real Baseball caps have. I crocheted the strap, too and gave it a red heart button, which I see I missed in the picture. Oh well. Actually I made several changes in the pattern to suit me. Don’t we all?! lol I think I’m going to make another, maybe one row longer and of all the same kind of yarn. This one is made from three different scraps of red but Sis and I are going shopping next week so I’ll buy some ‘on purpose’ for the cap. I’m also going to try to write up the changes I made so’s I can do it again.

Red Cap

crochetedballcapFO3 (33k image)
Sorry to look so grim! These self-portraits are difficult to take well! lol But I think it shows the cap pretty good. And I can see out! My pretty felt red hat gives me a headache because it has such a low brim that I’m always straining to peer out from under it. This cap is going to work great! Thanks to all who helped in the search for a pattern!

Charity Bears

WebsterBears2 (59k image)

My LYS, Websters in Ashland, doles out yarn for a Charity Bear knitting for a local childrens hospital. I didn’t knit mine, of course. They’re woven and felted. This dark maroon color doesn’t photgraph very well but “Mom and the babies are pretty derned cute”, she said! lol I’ll get them boxed up and in the mail tomorrow to be sure they make the deadline. I don’t know when I’ll get up there next. And it depends on the weather a lot of times since there are three possibly snowy passes betwixt us.
I’ve been a busy gal. One FO on the Xmas list and another almost done. Both woven, one with a bit of knitting to finish.
Sposed to get down into the 20’s tonight. Looks like it will, too. Sis says it was at her place last night. We did hit 29.6 just before dawn but I think it’ll be sooner tonight.
Y’all stay warm! 😀

The Old ladies are at it again

Tgrh2 (25k image)

My Red Hat for November had to sport a turkey in a purple shirt, but in place of it’s red had I gave it a bridal veil on a red band in honor of a member who is getting married Saturday. We had lunch with members of a couple other clubs and had a movie in the theater just for us. We saw Polar Express and it’s great. You don’t want to wait for the video on this one… that train ride would not be the same thing without the Big Screen! Tom Hanks has done it again.
So then I did grocery shopping and home in time to make dinner for Grandmother and I and wave bye to Randy who is off to Lions.
Arehn’t we a busy social bunch today! lol

Cori11-04 (290k image)

I wish I could show this picture “life sized”. Yeah, that’s Cori returning the tennis ball, but the real neat thing here is that the whole driveway as far as you can see is thickly carpeted with those caramel colored oak leaves. The colors in the yard are so beautiful. In June I think that spring is the prettiest season, but in November the colors make spring look milky and washed out. Autumn colors are so Strong and Positive saying, “We may be on the way out but you won’t forget us or see anything to compare until we come back!” The colors even here in the West light up our eyes even when it’s wet and foggy and grey. Well, it isn’t that today. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Hope you’re all staying warm! 😀

A real yarn…

yarn2a (31k image)

The ample knitter’s have had a thread about sneaking yarn into the house because of family objections to stash. I don’t have to do that and here a bit of proof. Randy came home today with a surprise for me. He’d been in the Goodwill and made a “haul”! He paid $20 for all this yarn. There’s one big grocery bag filled with “denim”, it’s acrylic, I haven’t looked to see what brand yet, and the other bags are bigger than 5 gallon buckets. There’s wool and mo and all sorts of man-made fibers. It’s going to take some time just to see what’s there! And then a place to put it until I can use it up. I don’t think I can keep up with his yarn buying at this rate!

Morning magic!

Moon_Morning1a (59k image)

Went out this morning and saw the sun shining thought the yellow tops of the cottonwoods. This picture doesn’t show how brightly they were glowing, really and the sickle of moon hanging above. Had to run get the camera.
Well, Rosy and I are having a fiber day today and …maybe… I’ll have something to show here tomorrow! lol
Hope your autumn is as beautiful as it is here.