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Firewood season again

Awood (256k image)

The wood shed is nearly full. Good thing the warm(ish) weather is holding as he was a little late with it this year! ๐Ÿ˜› We have not yet had a frost but we did have a nice heavy 3 day rain to wet things down and put an end to fire season.
I would be pleased to see this “Indian Summer” continue for a couple more weeks. A nice foot of snow the week after Christmas would be good, but till then… Let the sunshine in!

First snow.

FirstMtSnowBlog (195k image)

I am estimating about 8 thousand feet, maybe a bit below that. Shasta looked really good, it’s been bare but for the glaciers most of the summer. but there was snow on Mt. Eddy, too, which is just a bit over 9000′. This is looking into the Alps. None on our 7200′ Billy’s Peak yet. Anyway, I’m glad to see it & hope its a sign of more to come.
I went out to the Winery today with the Trinity Artists. We were there to paint the fall colors. I did three little post card sized water colors while the rest of the group were testing the winery’s wares! I left about the time they were all setting up to paint. Not sure what will come of that as they were testing quite a few! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it was nice to see the ladies again. Haven’t painted with them in quite awhile.
Now I guess I’ll get back to my looming. Hope you are having a lovely fall! ๐Ÿ™‚

Counting our blessings

weaver (141k image)

I copied this photo from HandWoven magazine, in case anybody wants to turn me in. This lady, it says, is 84 years old. Take a look at her hands. She hasn’t let a little thing like that stop her from weaving. She makes me ashamed of griping about my hands hurting with my little bit of arthritis.

Weather had been chilly, we’ve had an occasional fire. We also had a really great rain, put an end to fire season. More rain is predicted for tomorrow.

I’m trying to get my new Baby Wolf Loom warped. This business is much harder than weaving on our own looms! I haven’t gotten very far with that, but I did get a 12″ square woven for a project
I am trying. Much more relaxing! lol I thought I ought to learn, tho. I was told this fall, by a customer, that I ought to publish some patterns for textured and lace weaves for our looms. Well, the truth is… I don’t know any. That’s why I weave on these! They’re easy. But I thought if I got acquainted with Big Loom weaving I might be able to translate some of those pattern to small looms.
Hummm… We’ll see. :hehe:

Back again

We’re home again and I posted several new photo’s. You need to scroll down and start from the bottom since this blog posts botton up. All should be dated today, Oct 11.

The Volcano

SulferVent1a (266k image)

The last park we visited was Lassen. We stopped at the vents. If you enjoy the smell of hot sulfur you would like this steamy spot! I took a little video of one vent but I don’t know how to post those. They whistle and steam like your teapot, but don’t smell as nice! The vents have been moving around since I visited last, too. We can no longer walk the trail among them and it looks like they might even undermine the road one of these days. The volcano is suppose to be dormant (that’s not extinct!) but it still reminds us that it’s hot down there. :O
We’re home again now and have been spending the afternoon shooing the deer out of the yard. They have pretty much eaten off every plant out there. All my mums are gone, they even ate grandmother’s Christmas cactus that i thought would be okay. Guess we won’t get any flowers again this year. I’m sure it will come back, but I think I’m going to find an old fashioned wrist rocket and do my best to discourage them. :angry:

Over the hill…

MonoLake2 (193k image)

Over the nearly 10,000′ Tioga pass and down into the desert we visited Mono Lake. It has some fantastic mineral formations but the shore is fragile so I did not venture near. A big blue spot in the sands.

Here we are…

HalfDome_GlaicerPointUs (321k image)

…looking like a couple of rough and ragged tourists after a few days in the trailer! ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s Half Dome in the background. I’m holding Cori’s leash but the nice European man who took our picture didn’t get her in. We took theirs in return. There was a lot of that going on, as you might guess. This park is a photographers dream.


ElCapitan2a (244k image)

We went to the fair in Dixon, Lambtown last weekend and after that we decided to take the last opportunity this fall to see some of California. We visited Randy’s step Mom in Saucelito by the bay, then my brother in Cool, then Randy’s Uncle in Angel’s Camp and then made our way via old highway 49 and the Gold country to Yosemite. We spent two days there. I have not been since I was a child so it was all new to me again. Breathtaking! You know pictures just do not have the impact, but I’m posting some anyway.
This is El Capitan.