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Still weaving

BLOG22 (206k image)

I have been so busy it does not seem like it can have been that long since I posted. So sorry! :blush:
Finally have everything in the gallery ready for this months show. I am still weaving, playing with thenew Multi-Loom and trying to work out a good book mark loom, which we’ve had numerous requests for. Randy is in the shop almost daily now trying to get stock made for the up coming shows. We’ll be doing Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon in June and Oregon Flock and Fiber show in Canby in September and maybe the Lambtown event in Dixon in July. He’s building a house this summer and we hope to get the basic shop up, too. We only managed to get the road in and the site cleared last summer.
This afternoon I am doing spring cleaning in my studio. Intense cleaning after a winter of being the place to put what you don’t know what to do with! :laugh: I’m sure most of you know what I mean!

Hope it’s showing signs of spring where you live!

A necklace for Calypso

BethsOysters (181k image)

Another project for the recycle show. It was a challenge! I almost blew it today but was rescued and so it’s okay. I won’t tell you what I did because it was just to dumb to admit! :blush: Surprised? No, I didn’t think so. Oh well, “All’s well that ends well”. Right?
This is going to be a bit chunky. Those shells are 5×3″, I think the whole thing weighs a couple pounds, too. I don’t think I’m going to get the Oyster Eater to model it! :laugh:
Ah well…

Hope your day is sunny & warm!

Special loom

handwovenProject (221k image)

Here’s a special loom Randy built for a weaver who wants to make the March Bag from the Handwoven Magazine’s on-line series. This one was designed by Maria Cristina Capello of Brazil. She says this one was woven of sisal, but that hemp or linen would also work. I have some cotton yarns that I intend to use as well. This loom as the spacing called for in the project. And he has the jigs all set if anyone wanted a similar loom. This loom could be used for other projects, of course. I’m pretty sure the same project could be woven on our regular square looms, tho the texture of the weave would probably be a bit different. I haven’t had time to experiment with it yet, but if any of you do, please let me know how it works out!
The project can be found here:

PS: I’m sure some of you are familiar with Jana of eloomanator. She has made this project and posted about to to her blog: She made her bag using her regular 7″ Hazel Rose square. I was sure it could be done but hadn’t gotten around to trying it myself. But now we know! Thanks, Jana!

shawl edging.

recyclesh6 (88k image)

Not much to say about this but just showing the edging I worked on the hypotenuse. the first row was a half double crochet, a row of single crochet and the last row was reverse single in every other stitch. It pulls in a bit and that helps the fit around the shoulders.

Well, here it is.

recyclesh5 (180k image)

Here’s my Recycle Shawl. Worn but clean working man and woman (& probably some kid, too) Levi pants past their life cycle as clothing becoming a new fashion statement. This is for the April Recycle Show at the Downtown Gallery. Not only are the jeans recycled, but the glitz you see there is thin strips cut in a spiral from mylar chip bags. It may or may not get beads. The mylar is a bit light weight and I’m thinking a bead on the fringe pieces may give it a bit more ‘body’. I worked a yarn edging along the hypotenuse to even things out and give it a soft feel there at the ‘neckline”. The rag strips looked a big ragged… duh! :laugh: … but I wanted to neaten it up.
This shawl is heavy, too. Not really soft and cuddly, but not bad and certainly warm. So if you have a jeans and sweatshirt lifestyle, start saving them., You can make a pocket quilt to carry in the car for instant picnics, and a shawl to wear to the rodeo, from the pant legs!

Woo Woo!

Daffies! (215k image)

Here’s a change from snow pictures! :laugh: The daffies are back! They never fail me. My daughter planted these before she left home and they come up every spring with a few more there. The other bed are the ones from my Mom and they are also sprouting, tho I need to get out there and dig out some blackberries, too.
Sun is shinning and the snow is melting rapidly. It’s 58 degrees, a lovely warm nearly spring day! Randy and I are working in the loom shop and raking and pruning by turns. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, too.

Well, it’s not fiber but…

Legs (241k image)

I think she turned out so well that I just had to share. This was what I did in class today. We’re doing figures and portraits and I’m having a great time with it. For my homework this time I did a Martha Steward mask that was a big hit! 😛 They want me to put it into the Class show at the Highlands in June. It was a gag really, for a remark our instructor made earlier but… hey! We can all use a MS mask now and then! :laugh: Anywho, I really like this long legged mahogany haired lady.

And I am still working on The Project. 😉

Fiber Arts Show

HighlandsFiberShowMarch2 (185k image)

Dang! I’m in the front room this time!!I’ve been promoted! That’s mine there with the black canvas and the 7″ square underneath. That’s the loom Randy made from the walnut tree that got washed out in the ’97 flood. I titled it “My Loom Contemplating It’s Place In The Cosmos” The Big one is called “Application of Theory” ; “Yarns handspun by Hazel, the other by Rumpelstiltskin”. The other is gold colored wire with silver beads strung randomly on it. I don’t know if anyone will pay my exorbitant prices but my fellow classmates liked them! That’s what counts, huh? If you can impress your fellow artists, it doesnt matter if it doesn’t sell! :laugh: Well, I don’t think any (many?) of us here really do this to sell, we just enjoy sharing. When I get a bit further along with my Other Project I’ll post a photo here. That’s the one hinted at in the previous post.