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shape weaving

I’m back at it. I didn’t find my pattern but I did fins another one and between that and using my previous jacket as a pattern I think I’ve got it. I’m trying my hand at shape weaving working on a yoke. I thought it might be easier than the cut and sew  I did on the last one. Yet to be determined! lol But it seems okay so far. The test will come when I start putting it together.

Here’s a few pictures of this part. We bought a new cupboard for my dolls and it came in a huge cardboard box, nice thick cardboard and that’s what I’m using as the ‘loom’. I drew around the sized yoke pattern and started putting in pins. The article I read suggest putting in the pins as you warp. I can see why as the curves require different spacing. I just kind of felt my way along. I’m doing the same for the weaving. Once i get a little further along I’ll show you some close-ups. this is the same wool the squares are woven with. I saw an article where they wove a really neat yoke in a tapestry but my tapestry ‘skills’ are untested  so I think this first one will be just plain.


Yoke weaving

It’s coming along at a pretty good rate, in the time I have to work on it. I am pretty pleased so far;Yoke weaving 3

Yoke weaving 4

Valentines Loom!

Just wanted to offer a few ideas if you were wondering what you could do with the SweetHeart Loom. We make them in a larger size now, too.

Make a gift tag or do a bit of beading around the edges!

Jane finished2aKathy Warner 2


A pencil topper to write I love you. A valentine to say I love you. A bookmark to keep you place in a book you love!



pencil  topper 2aValentine 91Bookmark


A needle book to keep things together. A case for your phone. Or you can just wear your heart on your sleeve!


DSC00865Annette 2heart on my sleeve cropped


I’m sure you’ll find a lot more way to use them and they are fun, too. Older children love weaving on them as well. A customer says she makes little sachets using two and adds then to the packages when she ships out orders of her handwovens. She also keeps a bag of them with her when she goes out and gives one to anyone who looks like they are having a bad day and can use a little love. She says she has changed kiddies sobs to smiles with these little “hugs”.  So you can see there are plenty of ways to enjoy these little looms. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yours in natural woods or prettily painted.

paintedwoods small


It is still a UFO. I have torn the place apart, nearly literally, and still have not found my pattern. I am hornswoggled. But i did find a couple other’s that might work and i can use my last jacket as a guide as well, i suppose. But it beats mw what i could have done with it. I’m beginning to suspect it may have been accidently tossed out. But I have decided to try the shape weaving thing and weave my yoke in one piece. I laid out the pattern today and hope to get started weaving it tomorrow. I’m not going to try for fancy this time.

Other than that Stella is settling in pretty well. She had her ”wellness” vet visit and is on antibiotics to help her bites heal and another pill for a bladder infection. She need a tooth pulled as she has a broken canine tht is showing signs of abscess. But she is has all her shots, including rabies so is also now licensed and legal.

tag 2tag snow4

She also got to roll in the snow and thought that was pretty wonderful! She loves being outside, but is not quite sure what she’s supposed to do there. She walks around in squares, for the most part. Randy says it’s room size, a habit from living indoors. Could be. But she is learning to ride in pickup and golf cart, She’s learned she can drink from a creek and even wade though small ones. She & Robin are getting used to each other so I may try introducing Taz, who is the hard case in our cat family.

Hope you are enjoying your looms. Don’t give up on me!

New family memeber

We decided it was time and Randy found this lady on a rescue site. We contacted Shelby and Wyatt and they liked us and so Stella has a new “forever home” in Coffee Creek. I think she has been a city dog all her life (6-7 years) but seems to be adapting to country life rapidly! She did fine on the 4+ hour trip up yesterday, did not want her dinner but had a ‘bone’ for breakfast and has now gone with Randy, in the rain, to check his business up the hill. We are working on the No Dogs in the Kitchen rule, but when I point she knows already to back up! lol Randy is getting lessons, too. 🙂 Stella is a lap dog, something Randy isn’t used to.

day 2

No yarn stories again. I still haven’t been able to find what the heck I did with my pattern. I guess I’ll have to go see if I can find another one that will work. I know this one will show up, probably about the time I don’t need it anymore! You know how that goes. Meantime, I hope you are making better progress on your projects and keeping  your looms dusted off!

Wishing you warm and dry!

Okay, I apologize…

I know I have not been posting after saying I would  but I figure you have all been busy with Christmas and the new year and  all the other holidays this time of the year, too. I have not gotten back to my woven cardigan but in part because I have some new ideas about its construction and partly because I’ve been knitting. Yes, I love weaving but I also love knitting.  I finished my MIL’s vest in time and it fit her perfectly and she loves it- really! And I forgot to get a picture of her in it. 😦

Yvonnes xmas vest 2014  2Also I have been knitting a cardigan for me. Sis was making this one and I loved it so I am combining sis’s with the vest pattern for MIL’s. Yeah, I liked that ruffle so incorporated it. Now I’m on the sleeves, except I don’t have any #9 dps so I’m going to have to take care of that first.

DSC02967 B

But I hope you are all having a great start to 2015! It’s been cold here after all the rain but now there’s no precip so no snow. 😦 Mother Nature just can’t seem to get things together.

Himself and I bought ourselves a new bed for our gift to each other. A Number Bed. It’s due to arrive this week from Salt Lake City. He built a base for it, one which will have drawers one of these days. That’ll be handy.

I guess that’s all our news and I’ll get back on the cardigan as soon as I find out if my idea is going to work. Be patient with me and let me see you weavings, meantime!

Have a happy & creative New year!