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A last harvest

The apples are the last thing on the harvest list. These are destined to be one pie and some applesauce. There is one more tree, a neighbor who does not use hers offered them to Randy and he said yes! Hope your autumn is rosy!

Can I make this with the Tiny Weaver?

A weaver asked me about the project in HandWoven. Instead of the Multi loom she has the tiny Weaver. So, of course, I had to test it.The answer is yes. I made it exactly the same but used a worsted weight yarn.
Well, you know it’s not exactly the same. 😉 How many of us can stand to do that! lol But I used the same 16 squares. I crocheted the skirt layers together and I also added a few triangles on a whim. The original sleeves were split, I added the triangle there to make a little hooded sleeve. And I thought the neckline a bit low so I added in a triangle of shiny white & as an accent worked the crab stitch around hem and sleeves.

But there you go, you can use your Tiny Weaver to make this dress. And then go on from there. Please share pictures of your creations!

Correction to HandWoven pictures

The printer accidentally inserted the same picture twice in my first magazine article. This is the missing picture for step number “d”. If you are making this dress this is the skirt assembly.

This was pretty exciting first for me. Today I got my issue of the magazine and also my Samantha doll back from the photographer. I want to thank the people at HandWoven magazine for taking such good care of my little girl! The editor has expressed an interest in my toddler dresses, too, so I’ll have to get busy working on them so I have something to show her when she’s ready.


Randy built a fire in the shop stove this morning. He said it was for me, Ain’t that thoughtful! lol We have not had a frost yet but as you see, the leaves are turning anyway. This is grand father’s Hickory, maybe the only one this side of the Mississippi. It puts on a great show every year. Reminds me of butterscotch. The Woodbine on the porch is bright red and maroon, and tho the maples are starting to turn a little there is not much color elsewhere.

Well, there is this bit, below. A classic fall picture in this area. I guess I need to remove the pumpkins and the flower vase from the top of the wood stove as I am guessing there will be a fire in it this evening. Hope your autumn is cozy! Get your looms out & get a start on winter projects!

Autumn Rain

Rained lightly this morning but all in all a lovely day for going to town, where it was sunny and pleasant, the kind of day you hope for is you have to go to Redding, CA. I did bring home my new computer. I hope I can get it set up and figured out. x your fingers for me!