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It’s first time!

plum_blossoms (202k image)

My little plum tree has it’s first flowers ever! It’s so pretty! I have a purple leaved plum across the way with pink blossoms. I think I need to have one here, too, so they can bloom together.

Pretty pastels

hyicneths (160k image)

But I think they were prettier without the white “lace”! 😀 This snow isn’t likely to amount to much. Just enough to push the daffodils into the mud. Well, I expect they’ll spring back. Himself is up at the shop. Has a fire built. I hope it’s warm by now, because I’ve put it off about as long as i can. Answered email, made an appointment with the vet, called the realtor, frogged and re-cast on (I’ve lost track of how many times now!) for the Rose of England, made the bed and loaded the dishwasher… Guess I’m out of excuses so I’ll head up to the shop. But I sure hope it’s warm in there by now!
Hope you’re staying warm!

Another one for the collection

LogginAhead (96k image)

My mother, who was born and reared in Missouri (Missoora, that is!) used a battry in her car and battries in her flashlight. We all thought that was pretty cute and that she was the only one in the world until one day somewhere in this state, tho I’ve forgotten where, we happened on a gas station that advertised the same in large letters painted on the side of the building! Now, yesterday, Randy brought home this abandoned sign written in ‘southern’! lol Or is it Texan? Well, in any case, they had finished “loggin” up that road so he added the sign to his collection.
No it decorates our drive along with the daffodils my daughter planted around 20 years ago. They brighten the place faithfully every spring.
Hope your spring is bright, too.

Spring… for real!

FirstDaffie (140k image)

The first daffies to bloom in my yard. But the jays are nesting in the rose bush and the robins are raising the dickens all day long now. I even got out there with the rake and clened up some leaves and satuff that I didnt’ do last fall. In fact, I’m getting ready to go crank up the mower and see if I can help out the lawn a bit.
Wish me luck!

Experimenting with pastels

Girl2 (114k image)

I’ve never worked with pastels before but we did a little thing in class Monday and I rather enjoyed it so wanted to try this girl and I think she turned out pretty well, all in all. I also think I’m going to enjoy working with this medium!
Have work in the loom shop today, too, and knitting projects to finish for my book and a new weaving project underway, that I’ve been asked to do for someone else’s book. That’s exciting, if I can pull it off.
And the crocus and windflowers are blooming, trees are budding… I’m getting the outdoors urges, as I know you are , too. Daylight saving time does not give us long enough days, no matter what they claim!

Pinecone square

!pinapplesquare (175k image)

Pinecone Square 6″ block
Inspired by & dedicated to Cher of Yarners

Dk weight acrylic (Or what-have-you)
00/3.50mm steelhook (I think an aluminum D is about the same)

Starting Popcorn stitch: ch 3,(counts as 1 dc) 4dc, slip hook out of loop, and put it though the top of ch 3 then back in loop & pull a loop though both loops. (popcorn stitch made)

1. chain 4, form ring
2. 16 dc in ring, ch 1
3. ch3, sc in next stitch, *ch2, sc* join with sl st (16 spaces)
4. sl in ch2 space, ch 3 *pc, ch2* 4 times, ch 5 * join in top of beginning pc
5. *pc in ch 2 loop, ch2. 3 times, chain 5 sc in chain 5 loop, chain 5* around , join.
6. *pc in ch 2 loop, ch2. 2 times, chain 5 sc in each ch 5 loop, chain 5* around , join.
7. *pc in ch 2 loop, ch2. 1 time, chain 6 sc in each ch 5 loop, chain 6* around , join.
8. Ch3 6 hdc in ch 6 loop, ch 3 at corner, repeat around, join. Cut yarn and tuck ends.

My Lace hat

lace_hat (144k image)

I posted it in January when I finished knitting it but just this last weekend finally got it blocked… thanks to Sis’s hat form and bottle of starch! It’s not a very practical hat for my ‘lifestyle’ but it is pretty. If you want to knit something a little different but not all that difficult, this is a good one. It’s from Gathering Of Lace by Meg Swanson. I used a linen thread. I don’t know much about thread sizes but I’d compare it to, maybe, a size #10 crochet thread. Smaller than bedspread cotton, anyway. The ribbon is a sheer that pretty well matches in color. I thought a hat this delicate needed a delicate hat band, too. Now I just have to figure out where to keep it. Oh… I just remembered… I have my Great Aunt’s hat box. I wonder if it’d fit. Better go check that out! 🙂