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OFFF_04e (48k image)
We had a great time at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, OR this weekend. Met some old friends and some new friends and hopefully ‘hooked’ a lot of people to weaving with the looms. Got this picture of Rosy “mugging” for the camera… it’s her fault so I’m not apologizing for posting this picture! πŸ˜‰
I wove a couple squares using the Pendleton shirt factory selvages they sell for run making. I wove on the 14″ square using every other nail and I think they came out beautifully! I’ll post a photo when I finish it. I thought I’d do six 14″ squares to make a little “throw” rug. If I like how it does I’ll work on a bigger one. You can see them in the pictures, tho not very well, the red one is still on the loom, at Rosy’s feet, and the dark one is hanging over the edge of the table with strings hanging down. She’s weaving diamonds for a scarf.

Fun at the Fair

OFFF_04f (40k image)
Rosy found some shiny black eyelash yarn in her stash and was knitting the “wig” from the new Naturally, we all had to try it on! lol Not particularly flattering to any of us, of course, but Randy was the only one who got caught wearing it! :laugh:

proof of winter coming on.

Taz_in_laundry (30k image)

Taz sleeps on the rug in front of the toilet. 😎 But in the winter when it gets cold she moves into the laundry basket under the counter. Last night was her first night in the laundry basket since spring. It’s also 41 degrees this morning. Not frost yet, but pretty chilly for mid September.

Mini sunflowers

Chris_Sunflower1 (100k image)

Grandson Chris planted a whole packet of sunflower seeds in this big nursery pot. I don’t think they were dwarf, but if not conditions had made them so! They are pretty cute, tho. The inset pic shows them aboput life sized. 1 to 1 1/2 inces across. Those sunflower seeds are going to be tiny! But Chris, I love them! We better plant more next summer!

My new Hot Wheel!

Hot_Wheel1a (47k image)

I said I’d do it. It took a while but I did it. Some of you will be horrified :O (Randy!) but few of you will be delighted :D, too. I am! And it spins just as well as it ever did! The words on the wheel, which you probably can’t see in the picture, say “Hazel’s Hot Wheel”. It’s first spinning job is some carder waste decorator yarn. That stuff I most love to spin. Now I have to make a new oriface hook because my copper and orange glass beads no longer match. I told Randy last week that I couldn’t use the aluminum wire he was trying to give me. Guess I’ll have to go see if he still has it! πŸ˜›

Too many little ones around?

SB_Pat_and_Gary2 (30k image)

Guess I got “infected”! I dunno how I came to do this, just found myself making a star and thought, well, that looks pertty much like Sponge Bob’s best buddy and one thing led to the next… :blush: comes of having the grandkids around this summer, I guess! lol But it just goes to show that you can weave almost anything you set your mind to! There’s some crocheting in there and the i-cord too, of course. Well, now that I have that out of my system…! πŸ˜›
But, hey, Xmas is coming up… if you’ve got a little spare yarn you might want to make the Bikini Bottom Bunch yourself! πŸ˜€

What I’ve been doing

alpaca9-04d (78k image)
Went up to visit my sister Rosy this week. Just for fun. Here’s a shot of her with the alpacas and a donkey. That’s Buster Brown way in the back. Little Guy is the Black and white (that’s his yarn hanging on the fence) and the two white ones are the Suris. I think that’s Luminor in front and I can’t remember the other guy’s name. He’s watching to see if I have any more apple. So is Patty, the donkey… she with the lovely singing voice! And as you can see, the alpacas have recently had haircuts.
Rosy and I had a great time. Spent most of one day and part of another shopping in Medford and Grants Pass. We didn’t miss many good places! πŸ˜€
But now I’m home again and will probably be spending the next two weeks in the shop getting ready for the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival the weekend of the 25/26. Hope we get to see some of you there.

Hurricane Frances

hurricane (24k image)
Latest: This morning we see that the hurricane has gone, or rather, is going almost directly over the north end of Lake Okeechobee.. which is to say, right on top of Elsie & CW. We have, of course, heard nothing except what the weather channel tells us and they have nothing until they can get people in there after it moves on. By that time someone should be able to get word out. We hope. And now here comes Ivan…

Got this email from my sister who is in Okeechobee… the red dot on the map. My daughter-in-law has a brother living there also. Needless to say we are all keeping close watch on this storm.

Elsie says,”We’re still hanging in there. And so is Frances. She’s parked off the coast between West Palm and Vero Beach. Every now and then they say they think she’s moving a teensy bit to the west northwest. Most of the coast is without power and I’m sure it won’t be too long before we lose ours. It’s 5:45pm now and it may move thru sometime tonight, or maybe not. So far my corn plant is still standing. (for those who don’t know, I have a 12′ corn plant just off my back patio that’s several years old. We’ve had 55-60mph gusts thru here so far and not much rain. They’re getting a lot more on the north side. Keep us in your prayers…it’s gonna be a long night. Elsie”

A morning’s work

what_I_did_today (33k image)
Got Randy to leave me a ladder this morning and finished picking the pears. Well, most of them. There are still some over my reach even with the ladder. Either he’ll get those or they’ll fall and the deer will. They are working on the windfall apples but there’s no way they can clean them up, waaaay to many, after having no apples last year!
But while I had the ladder, I also put up the new porch lights. Karen sent me a box of “twinkle” lights that I use for yard lights (They don’t get to twinkle, however! πŸ˜› ) I could not find any here, dunno what the stores are thinking of to pack those away with the xmas stuff. They make great patio lights and I see more and more of them up. I found 10 lights in some ugly looking tin covers for $14.00 in Walmart. Yeah… likely! lol I’ll stock up after xmas this year or maybe just send Karen some $ for more. The snow takes the ones off the wood shed every winter but they’re cheap enough to replace that I don’t worry about it. I think Randy could probably figure out some way to keep them up there if he had time to think about it. Or…maybe… do you think?! I might…? Meantime, I have some pears to pack away.

What I’ve been doing

printing (38k image)
My “fiber” work lately has be an extension of the real thing, I guess you could say! Working in the shop and at the printer. Getting ready for OFFF, we hope! I have been making some progress with those things, tho. And while I’ve been waiting for the printer to need me again, I’ve been working on an old problem. That of making mittens with the larger looms. I think I have it figured out for the Quilt Weavers. I’m weaving now on the Tiny Set to find out what happens to that one when I toss it in the machine. I’ve made a different thumb for it, which was the problem in the last one, it got too small. Next I’ll work with the 12 & 14″ sets, that should prove a real challenge! :blush:
I hope all you folks in the Southern Realms are hightailing it to safer ground. We had a pretty good wind here last night but it’s wimpy compared to what you have heading that way. I’ll stay huddled in my mountains, thank you. But I wish you safe!