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Wonder why it’s called Bare Mountain?

BareMt. (172k image)

Used to think it was because of the rock fields but this winter it’s just Bare of snow. Here it is the first of December and not a flake yet. Nothing to speak of in the forecast, either. I hope it’s not waiting until the last week of Dec when we have a trip planned! :O

My new scrap box

Strata2 (155k image)

Okay, got it done. That was easy! One 14″ square, sewn into a tube and fitted over the oatmeal box. I rolled the bottom under just enough to be able to glue it to the edge of the rim & let that dry. I used a knitting needle to remove the plastic rim at the top of the box (it’s the large Quaker Old Fashioned… yours may be different, and it had a bit of the cardboard stuck to it, which is good as I don’t think my Elmer’s glue would stick to the plastic.) I pulled the top edge over and glued it just inside the top rim. Once that was dry I spread glue on the paper part and fitted the plastic rim back in. This takes some fiddling as it is a much tighter fit now! But here it is, all set to collect my snippin’s. πŸ˜€

Trying it out

Strata (184k image)

I bought a skein of Red Heart’s attempt at worsted weight self patterning ‘sock yarn’. It’s really awful stuff for feel, rough. You couldn’t make something to wear next to your skin and I haven’t yet found a knit gauge that shows the pattern to advantage but thought I’d try it on the 14″ square loom. Not too shabby, I think. You could use it as a dish cloth. I’m going to use it to cover the oatmeal box I use as a container for my yarn snippets that I save for recycling. I’ll post a photo when I get it put together. I think I have enough yarn for at least one more 14″ square and I have used, I’m guessing, half of it knitting, so you could get several large squares from a skein. Anyway, I pronounce this yarn as fun as long as you don’t plan to wear it!:P

My poor tired sweetie…

Randy (143k image)

Here’s Randy resting up so’s he can go to bed. He was just teasing the dog for snoring in her basket. Good thing I don’t have sound here! :laugh:
But he gets up before 5 am for an hour drive to work so it’s been a long day. Cold again tonight but no rain. Sis had rain today up in Oregon, but I think they are using up the clouds because none have been getting down here. I wonder if we’re going to have a White Christmas? Not a flake in sight at any elevation so far this winter. :confused:

I’m on my 5th square for the sweater project. It’s coming along! And I sold 14 Christmas cards at the store and have taken 14 more down there! Cool.

Arsinic and Old lace

ArsinicAndOldLaceTeaParty (158k image)

Here’s my RedHat group having tea with the cast of Arsenic and Old lace. We did avoid taking any Elderberry wine, however! πŸ˜‰ lol It was a fun tea party on the stage and watching the play afterward. An enjoyable afternoon and evening. Long day, tho, as we had to leave at 12:30 and didn’t arrive home until after 8 pm. The Trinity Players do a fantastic job. πŸ™‚

Next Sweater

nextsweater (148k image)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We visited Sis and her neighbors and had an excellent time. Then we braved Black Friday in Medford to pick up my new glasses at Costco and buy a tv for ourselves. We only use it to watch movies as we don’t have tv but that old set (I think it was Pop’s old one) was getting very dark and hard to see. But we’re technically up to date now with this LCD set. It’s lovely. Randy found a cd of Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta. That one is 30 years old. It was a kick! lol
Anyway, We’re home again, it’s 24 degrees this morning and I have two squares woven for my next sweater project. I thought I’d better make another one while I can still remember the “shoulda dones” from the last one! :laugh: This is a scarlet boucle`. I also have a smoother yarn in the same color which I’ll use for the knitted parts. But I’m thinking I may weave the sleeves this time, too. We’ll see…
Guess today I’ll clean house and do a bit of holiday decorating.
Hope you are all enjoying your families if you are lucky enough to have them near.

Ready for the xmas sales.

xmascards2 (157k image)

Our assignment for art this week was christmas cards or small matted paintings for the December sale at the galleries. I decided to do cards. I can use them myself if they don’t sell. Evelyn seemed to think that people buy lots of cards there so I may pay for my supplies! πŸ˜› I was running out of inspiration when I remembered my origami santas and found this nice plaid wrapping paper. I think they made up nicely. Just about forgot dinner, tho. Just made a quick trip to the Country Store and got hamburger and Helper. Haven’t had to fall back on that in awhile, but Himself will be home soon and hungry. And… he likes it! :O I think I’ll make some corn bread to go with.
Had a fire all day, shipped looms this morning and worked on my project on the 14″ square loom. The net was down… that’s a pain, but we’re working again.
Hope you’re having a good day! πŸ™‚

Control burning?

cfire (95k image)

SPI is burning logging slash and there’s a low pressure cell here now so all this smoke is staying low and we’re getting to breath it today. Chance of Rain tomorrow is up to 80% so even if it doesn’t douse their fires it should clear the air a bit, I hope.
The small pictures are a second burn on the left and the new view of Billy’s Peak on the right. Compare that to the photo above! πŸ˜₯ Admittedly a lot of us added our bit to the problem this morning when we got up to cold houses and built fires in our heat stoves. Still, Corporate has nearly 30 fires going in this part of Trinity now so I think they’re out-smoking us!
And I saw three Xmas trees going down the road this morning. Please! If you have to kill sweet young firs to decorate your house, at least remember to load them tip to the rear and wrapped tightly in a tarp or some strong plastic. The wind at 60+mph on the trip home will strip the needles off your tree, making it all in vain! I’ve seen this way too often. 😦
Okay, that’s my bitch for today… back to fibering! :laugh:

Ampleknitters Retreat West

P1000114 (134k image)

The retreat went well as usual! Denise is a great organizer and we had a fun weekend. Raided all the yarn shops in the area and were met with open arms and lots of complimentary stuff. Most all of us took a part in Middleford yarn shop’s second annual knit fashion show. I modeled a scarf, not a chance to really ‘strut my stuff’ maybe, but then at my age, I really don’t have a lot of ‘stuff’! lol

Home again and it’s coooold! Lots of frost this morning and occasional fog as well. Humm… feels like winter! :laugh: