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A helper

TriCat (32k image)
Robin is keeping my chair warm while I make lunch. πŸ˜‰ There’s the stack of triangles for the border of my blanket. I single crochet around each one before adding it to the blanket. It needs the dark to seperate the jumble of colors. Randy is putting the new door up in the studio πŸ˜€ and that means I can get started on the remodling I want to do over there. He has to do the “carpenter” stuff first!
Snow’s all gone again, but it’s blustery and quite chilly out. Nice to see the new white on the Mt. tops, tho. California’s summer water supply! πŸ˜› But I’ll stay in today!


Crazy_Quilt_Progress2 (30k image)

My camera decided I didn’t need a flash or something so this photo is a bit hazy πŸ˜› but this is the crazy quilt on the bed. It needs, probably, one more row to make it a bit longer and then I think I’ll work on the border. I haven’t quite decided what to do there but have been thinking about triangles. πŸ’‘

Springtime… a different viewpoint…

springsnow (58k image)

:confused: Well, it happens every spring when the daffies bloom. Here’s a view of the yard which includes the Blue Jay nest. They’ve been using this site under the eaves for quite a few years but this year they started a bit early, it seems to me. I didn’t get a chance to get out and prune and tie up the rose after the winters heavy snow tore it down, as it does every year. It is the prettiest rose, a cream with a bit of pale pink in the center, very fragrant, too. Well worth all the maintenance. And very forgiving is it doesn’t get enough of that!
I haven’t any fiber stuff to show; been spring cleaning. Getting rid of ‘stuff’. And since it started raining… well, the last time Himself hit the “junk ” stores with his friend he brought me a box with 38 Barbie’s, 1 Ken, and 5 little Barbie’s… Skipper, I think she’s called, and Tom & Kelly? Needless to say they were all naked. I had mentioned earlier this winter that I was going to knit up a wardrobe for the baby doll I have and donate it this coming Xmas. Well… he didn’t remember the details of that plan but got the general idea and put it together with my enjoyment in clothing Barbie. Hummm…. Well! lol I have got some of them clothed. I hope I can find a place to donate them. I was thinking of a children’s hospital but they might not want to take second hand toys. Even if I do wash them up well first. I’m sure I’ll find out before I get them all dressed! :laugh:

Granny flower question

GSFlower3 (42k image)

Bonnie’s Granny Square Flower
πŸ™‚ Chain 5, join with slip stitch in 1st chain to make circle.
:confused:Chain 3, * 3 double crochets in circle. Chain 3, turn.
:doze:1 double crochet in each of next 2 double crochets and make 1 double crochet
in top of turning chain.
:O Reach around behind the double crochets, and do 1 double crochet into
original circle, behind 1st set, so it is actually as if it was done 1st.
πŸ˜€ Repeat from * seven times for a total of 8 petals.

If you keep all your petals turning in the same direction this turns out just like it should. When you reach from the right side of the petal to the left side to work the dc back into the chain circle, the left corner of the petal will come forward. It makes a nice little flower. The rest of this block came from a pattern on-line by a lady whose name is also Bonnie. I don’t know if it’s the same one, tho! I can’t seem to get the knack of the bullion stitch but this granny flower works well and is nicer looking than my feeble bullions! :laugh:


reknitted4 (48k image)
I put the panel on holders at this point and started a second one. This should be just about half my yarn and long enough for the vest panel. The second one wil be slightly different as I am starting from opposite ends so that it now starts with the pale yellow and the dark purple. When I get it going I’ll post another photo. I like the general idea but am learning quite a bit about color runs, for instance, I think these are really too long and don’t blend nearly enough though the changes. It’s been an interesting experiment.

Is it really spring?!

!!!primrose4 (32k image)
I saw one crocus this morning but this afternoon when I finally got outside… lo and behold! Primroses, too! I said I was going to get out today and rake but I never made it. I guess I’d better do it tomorrow. The poor things are tyring so hard to get though all last years litter. I see some ferns edging their little fiddle heads up, too. I don’t think we have any tulips left, they don’t go on forever and the critters munch then, too. But I bought a pot of blooming tulips at the grocery yesterday. Yes, I know, but they were so pretty, so I spent a little bit of the grocery money on Beauty. That’s better than chocolate, isn’t it?! :crazy: Well… isn’t it?!! :laugh:

Dyed and reknitted

reknitted1 (70k image)
This is the yarn you see me dying as knitted fabric a couple of photo’s down this page. I’ve started from the opposite ends of the balls which are pretty much alike. I’m copying a panel I saw on this blog, where we got the idea for dying and reknitting. Thank you for the inspiration, Sara. πŸ˜€
This is as far as I’ve gotten this evening. I sized it to be the front panel for a vest. The rest will be a dark grey, if I’m remembering what I have in stash.:rolleyes:

Cheap easter egg dye

ee_dye_batts (29k image)

:satisfied: This is for those of you who have bought Walmarts 69cent easter egg dye. It is a bargain, depending on the results you are after. Starting from the bottom, here are the color I got using 2 tablets, and a cup of white vinegar in a two quart bowl of water, micro-waved for 4 minutes. I put in enough damp, clean, bright white cormo wool to be covered by the water, weighted with a saucer. The batts are each one “batch”.
Neon pink; a nice orange; Bright Yellow; pale green; pale teal (it’s the only blue); and assorted purples. I did three batches of the purple, the middle one I tried to over-dye with blue. My advice is to avoid the purple, go with Kool-aid. It also separates at times but not as badly as this. I had neon pink and neon blue which I blended by hand cards and drum carder and, as you can see, it was a bit too much blending and is starting to form some neps which I’ll have to pick out when I spin. I think I will pull roving and run it though the drum carder one more time using the three to try to come up with one shade of lavender/purple.
I bought 12 packages of this dye and intend to do at least one more batch, but I think I’ll also buy some of the more expensive Paas dye, if I can find the plain kind.

A new hat

Blanket_stitch_art (31k image)
Here’s my latest hat. Woven and felted. These are all handspun yarns wool yarns and it’s woven on the Tiny Weaver Set. I’m quite pleased with it and have made another version using Noro yarns.

One row lace

scarf (54k image)
Here’s the scarf I’m knitting from some of the knitted dying we did. This one is alpaca and something… silk? tensel? … dunno but it’s nice. It runs from purple which is almost black (The Walmart grape ‘koolaid’) though very bight red to a duller red on the other end which I haven’t gotten to yet. This pattern is great! Even I can remember it! :laugh: And it looks a little different in different yarns, I did a couple of swatches.
Pattern: CO 30: k2 *yo, p1, p2 tog, k1* I’m using a #9 circ. You can use what ever size needle looks good with your yarn. Gonna wear this to the Red Hat Pajama Breakfast with my new “dress/gown” from Lane Braynt. It looks just like the knit shirts I wear to bed but has red hats on it and is a bit longer. I’m not going to breakfast anywhere with my uh-huh hanging out! There’s still too much of that to share! lol
I have a new hat for it, too. That one I made on the looms and will be featured in the video if we ever get that done…?! πŸ˜‰