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The Fox is growing!

Fox_Island (150k image)

It’s been awhile since I showed you any results. I’m binding off the shoulders now. I have to make them flatter than the pattern calls for since I have flat shoulders. I don’t think I’m going to get it done by Valentines day, tho. What’s the next holiday? :laugh: Not the right color for St. Pat’s, so I guess it’s July 4th! Ought to be about right! Still working on the feather and fan table cloth and the Anniversary Pi, the Shetland I started (below) is into the horseshoe pattern now. I am still working on the weaving of hats and bags, too. Wow! Do I sound busy?! Why am I sitting here at the computer when I have things to do?! πŸ˜›
Stay warm!

A long, dull January Sunday…

CorisBored1 (71k image)

It was so slushy outside today that even Cori spent most of it indoors. Snowed awhile, rained awhile, melted awhile, and them did it all over again. It’s raining at the moment. She had all the naps she could handle so we played tug-a-war with the ‘cat burglar’ (his corpse is there in the background) and now it’s catch. I finally got the ball under the dishwasher where she can’t reach it so she went to bed with Randy.
I didn’t get much accomplished today, either. Worked in the shop, knitted a bit, laundry, finished up a woven project. That’s about it. Now I’m listening to Harmony Square (Barbershop singing) on XM radio before I take my book to bed.

Hope the sun is shining on you! πŸ™‚

Casting on my Pi

Pi_cast_on (155k image)
Okay, I gave in. I decided not to join the anniversary Pi KAL because I have too many projects and also I could not get the pattern of my desire to work! :crazy: but… oh well. I may or may not get though it but I’ve started, anyway. And speaking of starts… I’m sure Ms Emily is a clever knitter but I can’t seem to get her cast on to work either (it must not be my year for knitting! :confused: lol) but I came up with my own that I think is much less complicated and looks quite nice in MHO. The pattern starts with 9 CO so I cast on three and knitted three into each stitch. Each on a separate dp and went from there. It lays flat and there aren’t any noticeable lumps or holes. So this is how far I am. Only time will tell if it gets any bigger! :laugh:
Good luck with yours!


SiskiyouSummit-1-22-06 (15k image)

This is one of the passes I have to cross to visit Sis. I got to spend an extra day with her this last time because it was snowing and chains only. Here it is in bright sunshine and still wearing it’s new winter coat. Very pretty. I wasn’t able to get a pic of Scott Mt. pass this time but it was also extraordinarily beautiful! The crews had both lanes open when I came back but going up I negotiated a single grader blades width, hoping there was no one coming the other way! lol Lucked out. Not much going on here, knitting, weaving, laundry… you know. But just wanted to say Hi to any visitors. Maybe we’ll try switching “comments” back on and give it a try. There was so much spam we had to turn that option off. 😦 My email is dorleska (at) if anybody wants to email. I do enjoy hearing from you all. πŸ™‚
Hope you’re all staying warm!

The new treadmill

treadmillfirstday (86k image)

Well, I did it. And himself got it together so I did my first 20 minutes today. Petty wimpy, I’m sure. I started slowly as they recommended and got to a top speed of 2.5mph. The machine said I went 3/4 of a mile and burned 80 some calories. That doesn’t even cover breakfast but I’m told the effect keeps burning extra ones all day. And I’m sure it’ll get better. I did do the heart pulse thing but I forgot what it was and don’t “get” that anyway. I’ll have to do some research. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t much. I was just breaking a sweat but my legs could feel it. I’m told to pansy along for a couple weeks. Well, maybe. πŸ™„ However, I feel justified because it’s snowing this morning. I couldn’t go out to walk, I’d freeze my buns off! On second thought… lol :laugh:
You can see Robin checking it out there at the bottom of the photo. He was NOT impressed. I didn’t see Taz at all. She hid when I got out the vacuum and hasn’t come out yet! πŸ˜›

I’ve read that singing keeps you young but….

Songalong (204k image)

Here we are warbling away on Christmas in 1978. I can guarantee it didn’t keep me young! lol That’s me in the green there in front. Sister Rosy in yellow concentrating on the accompaniment. X-sis in law in blue, and the one who looks like a hungry baby bird is sister Elsie. I’m pretty sure the red shirt in the background is brother John strumming along on his guitar The lady in the striped shirt is Momma, our soprano. We used to be pretty good, actually. Rosy kept it up and has recently sung with a community chorus. Elsie sings with her church group, as did Momma. Johnny is a guitar maker and singer, too. He’s had a band and his original music is featured on our weaving DVD. I croak along with the radio these days but too many years of The Bad Habit pretty much took away my singing career. Still, it was fun and I think there still survives some taped evidence.
Ahhh… the Good Old Days!

More winter…

Jan3a (160k image)

This time it’s snow instead of the Tropic Express and it’s supposed to quit this evening. That will give us enough to be pretty without being a nuisance. πŸ˜› Not much happening this time of year. I knit, I weave, I work in the shop. I cook and clean and do laundry, feed dogs and husband and grandmother. You know, regular stuff. I read and type here and sing along with the radio. I read recently that singing helps keep you both mentally and physically healthy. Couldn’t hurt! πŸ˜€
So I guess I’ll go back to knitting.
Ooooh! Himself just broke into song, too! lol Never thought to hear that! :laugh:
Hope you’re having a musical evening!

Happy New Year!

weave (160k image)

Got a lot of weaving done these last 2 1/2 days since the power has been out! The print in my book was a bit small for reading by lamp light tho I did get in a few chapters. I’m not saying what I’m making here because I have a Project in mind and it seems best to me to keep these things “under my hat” until they’re proven! ! πŸ’‘
That last storm didn’t flood us (knock knock!) but it was heavy. Sis calls it Glop which is a very descriptive word. Heavy, looks like snow but is very blue because of the 95% water content! My poor willow is broken, there were trees, limbs, and power poles down everywhere and the PUD guys worked pretty close to 37 straight hours trying to get us back up. They sent them home to sleep last night so they didn’t get us (at the end of the line) up until this morning. And guess what? It’s Glopping again! 😦 Well, it’s better than flooding, there has been a pause between then to allow the streams to run-off a bit.
Grandmother has lived in her kitchen which is the only place with heat when the power’s off and has done very well, but will be glad not to have to go down that cold hallway to the Little Room.
Meantime I’m getting my electronic and electrical stuff done this morning… just in case! lol

Hope 2006 is starting Bright and Warm for you!