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Happy Christmas!

Tsunekos_socks (147k image)

Happy Christmas, everyone! These are the socks my friend Tsuneko knitted me for a christmas present. I think she also spun the wool. I have very warm feet this morning in spite of the 21 dergee start to the day! Randy and I are enjoying our little holiday. We opened presents and had breakfast.
He’s out playing in the cold, getting things ready for the next snow… due tomorrow, I think… but it’s clouding up. Might be along later today. I’ve been goofing off in here talking to daughter and grandkids on the phone and answering xmas emails from friends and family.
But it’s noon now so I guess I’d better get dressed just in case of company later this afternoon! :laugh:

Hope everyone is having a lovely and safe day!

Bare no more!

Bare (144k image)

It’s kind of hard to pick out the mountain from the sky, both being pretty much white now. We even have a couple inches of fast melting snow down here in the yard. But it’s nice to see it up there where it will add it’s part to the water supply come summer. Too bad so much of it is wasted once it leaves us. I see there’s a bit more falling out there now. Guess I’ll go bake some cookies. ‘Tis the season, hummm?

Merry merry!

Looks like this is working again…. (knock–knock!)

DeliFire (187k image)

Now, how weird is this?! I have been trying for nearly two weeks to load this photo here. My server’s tech help decided that the dsl modem they sent me was faulty and there’s a new one coming soon. But now this thing seems to be working again! Does AI go on vacations! :laugh:
But… meantime, our local cafe is no more. Used to cook and waitress there many years ago back when it was a fun place. Now the nearest eatery where you don’t have to do your own cooking is 8 miles down the road and the owners there are really considering retiring. That’ll make the next nearest restaurant 40 miles away! Bummer…
We finally got a bit of snow but it’s being rained away as we speak. However, the snowpack ‘Up There’ is getting thicker. That’s what counts in the long run.
Hope you guys are having a safe & warm winter.:D
Merry Christmas!


I’m having some problems with my computer or the server… we can’t agree which, but I cannot load pictures and outgoing email is very difficult too. We are working on the problem. :crazy:
Happy Holidays to you all.


Bare2b (214k image)

Bare Mountain isn’t bare anymore! Not a lot up there for this time of the year but it’s nice to see some white somewhere! We got a lot of rain out of this storm, tho not as much as I understand they got up north. Hope you folk in the Portland area are managing to stay fairly dry!
We’re to get another storm in a couple days. That’s okay, as long as it builds the snowpack. I got side tracked from my sweater with another little weaving project. I’ll post if it works! lol
Meantime… Hope you are all having a great winter and not getting stressed over christmas shopping and that sort of thing. Remember… it’s for FUN! :laugh: