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chipper4 (267k image)

Here’s Randy chipping up what’s left of the Ash we had to take out. His cousin is helping him While I am canning apples. Have two crates of pears to deal with as well. I think I’ll do a couple dozen pints of apples and maybe a dozen of pears and give the rest away. Our Rome tree is not quite ripe yet, they’re best after a light frost. And I’ll put some of them up, too. But right now I have to go do my part in the looms shop and I’m also working on a couple weaving projects for the holiday season.
Which reminds me, Rosy posted a couple already to the project page of the web page if you’re starting your holiday weaving.
Meantime… back to work!

And this is where the apples went.

PieBaked (163k image)

Well, this is a painting of where they went, anyway. (Not quite finished but… resting) The art web pages and magazines I have been reading all sing the praises of painter who portray Ordinary Things. The paint bicycle racks and piles of old tires… My pie is every bit as ordinary and a lot nicer to look at. And the model, as you can see, has been tested for authenticity. It’s the Real Thing. In fact, it was made from the apples off our heritage tree. Danged if I can remember it’s name but the ag agent was delighted to find it. We’re supposed to get a grafted sapling from the buds they took, as the tree is very mature. Planted back when this was a mining claim. It’s doing well, but won’t last forever so it would be nice to have a young’n.

Our New Apple Peeler

NewApplePeeler (117k image)

The old antique gave up the ghost, or anyway, I can’t seem to sharpen the blade anymore and Randy found this one in a ‘junk’ shop for a dollar. first time I used it. It had a corer attached and it worked very nicely but I really don’t need the apples sliced quite this thin! lol But it’s a cute little spiral! :laugh:

I have enough peeled (we disengaged the corerr) and sliced for two pies, as soon as the crusts thaw. I forgot to take them out of the freezer this morning. And yes, I do use Mrs. Smiths crusts. I think she makes good ones and it’s a lot faster & less messy than me doing it. Even when I have to wait for them to thaw! lol Besides, I don’t want to crank up the oven until it cools off a little. It’s not really hot today, but it doesn’t take much to heat up the kitchen.

One is for our neighbor who shares his peaches (I owe him) and one I may freeze until Cousin comes back up. Or not! πŸ˜‰

Chenille on the Multi

chinelle2 (212k image)

Got this pretty spring green chenille at the dollar store and wanted to try it so grabbed up the Multi. The first one I warped as usual and then needle wove using some pink ‘designer’ yarn that I also got at the $ store. It did fine, tho the texture of the designer yarn is pretty much lost in this tight weave. The second one I did in all Chenille and I had to cut and insert new yarn twice as the friction of pulling it though the warp was wearing off the nap. So yeah, you can use the chenille as warp but weave it with something sturdier. Turned out pretty in the end and is nice and soft as well. πŸ™‚ All’s well that ends well. to quote Bill.

Leno Lace soap bag

LenoLace (150k image)

Well, I finished my first bag. I was successful with the Leno lace, tho it doesn’t show very well here since I sewed it together upside down and didn’t notice until i had all the tails nicely woven in. Too bad. Anyway, I wove it on my 2 x 4″ Multi, I don’t (yet!) have a 4×6″. I think tho that I’m going to get out my prototype bookmark loom and work it on that. I don’t really need a soap bag, tho it’s cute. I enjoyed the Leno lesson and also found I like working with this line thread. I like the way it holds it’s shape, so I understand it softens with age & use so probably won’t stay like this.
Anyway, thanks to Jana for her lessons. If you haven’t visited her page you ought to! πŸ™‚

Leno lace

Leno1 (73k image)

When I needed to loosen the extra loop with the linen yarn on the Multi, as Jana posted in her instruction
I found that the warps would not stay on the pins at first, so I used the old method we used to keep the loops on the pot holder looms for the kids. Put a rubber band around that row of pins. Worked great and when I needed to take it off to work the last row, I had used the slack so the threads stayed where they should. I’m not going to show you my Leno lace just yet. There are still a few ‘bugs’ to be worked out! I will say this… I pulled it out so often that I wore through my single linen thread and have a knot in the midst of my lace. I think I’m going to make a couple balls off this cone and ply some of this to make a slightly bigger and stronger yarn.

Artists In Action

aii3 (173k image)

Managed to get this one poor picture of Sis at her spinning wheel. Kinko had wandered off so hers was unmanned– un-womaned –that is, when I took this. We spun and weaved and talked and in general had a pretty good time but it got hot yesterday and we were on the afternoon side of the road so we had to pack it in before the 4pm official time, tho I think it was after 3 & we were not the first to leave. Sis sold some skeins of handspun & the owner of the yarn shop we were next to took the rest of her basket of mostly single skeins on consignment, at her own request, so Sis could still make a few more bucks from the day.
We cruised the art gallery’s and I picked up the painting I’d won in a raffle to raise $ to pay for the artist’s co-op gallery lights. I’d hoped to have won my own donation back. I think it was one of my best, but it went to some lucky person! lol All in all a nice day but the heat really got to me. I was exhausted by the time we got home. Thank goodness for left-overs. Dinner was cold corned beef sandwiches and sliced tomatoes. πŸ˜€

The finished Felted 12″ tri bag.

Felted_Tri_Done (213k image)

Which is, as I said, about the same size as the unfelted 7″ tri bag. Well, it made really nice thick felt with no sign of the weave structure. I was not getting any ideas for embellishments until I spotted the button box so here’s one side of it. I ‘buttoned’ both sides. Added the braided strap and a lining…see below.
I have an idea for some slippers that I want to try next then I may get back to a larger tri bag. If any of you do this and get good results, please email me, I’d love to see. πŸ™‚


Felted_Tri_Done_Lining (119k image)

I’ve had this fabric for years and finally found something it goes with! Has most of the button colors, or near enough. I braided the strap around a small clothesline rope both to make it a little larger and a bit sturdier. I hope! πŸ˜€