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New videos

I’ve finally gotten my camera memory and am making the promised weaving videos. Sis will be posting them to the web site asap but meantime check Weaver Hazel on YouTube.

We have the new Multi Triangle loom posted to the web page, too, now and I will be making a couple videos for weaving on them as well.

Did not get to make my shopping trip this week as the snow blower is stuck, broke down in 6′ of snow, in the pass so the road is closed. I’m told they are expecting parts today and should have the road open by … maybe… Friday. I’ll probably save my trip for Sunday or Monday now.

Blue Sky & Sunshine!

It was so nice to see the sun coming up through the snowy trees this morning!

We have 6 to 8 inches of very wet snow. Power has been out three times, most likely from trees falling in the newly cut right of way for the new transmission lines. But the guys go right on it so the longest we were dark was just 6 hours.

We have gotten a lot of stock built up in the shop this week, tho, as it was not a good snow for playing in, being so wet. Excellent for the years water supply but not the fluffy stuff you want for snowball fights!  😀  Cori, the heavily furred pooch, thinks it is just fine. She’s out sporting around Randy as he shovels paths and drainage this morning.

In case you missed it, we introduced out new Multi Triangle loom yesterday. Check the web page. This one  is a cutie!

My Girls again

It’s snowing again, the shop was not warm yet and I have this skein of wool/cotton yarn in ‘natural’  that needed knitting. It seemed perfect for a small Aran sweater so…


The skirt is handspun, might be mine ior it might be Rosy’s. The socks are the same yarn as the sweater in a faux cable, easy to knit.

And to save some wear and tear on Samantha’s bountiful hair the sweater buttons up the back. I hope to get a pattern written up.


Finished weaving my curtain but… The top looks okay.

Top side

But on the bottom there are many skips, one rather long and rythmatic, which I’m guessing means I made a treadling mistake but most are just random. I did not notice any of these while I was weaving .


You didn’t x your fingers!

Our power went out about 11 am yesterday and stayed out until just after 6 pm. No shop work. I wove up the rest of my bobbins but am not going to wind more by hand so spent the rest of the day reading and knitting. Himself reading and pacing and grumping! 😀 It’s at it again today so better get those fingers x-ed for us! Or for the PUD, anyway!

My Snow Movie

It’s not raining….

But we’re up to nearly 3″ of the white stuff so far.

It's not raining...

Supposed to do this all day. It’s wet, too. Power was out twice already for minutes. Would not be surprised to have it fail for hours. But I’m off to the shop to put nails in the new Multi Triangles until it does. Then I may be able to weave on my curtain project if I can see by the window light.  But… maybe we won’t lose power and I’ll be posting here again today. 😀

A new family member

Since the last time I posted a photo of my girls a new member has joined my little family. We are now complete and will not be adopting  more (no matter what dh hints at! lol). In case you did not guess… it’s Molly! (2nd from left) We all got dressed up for the occasion. Aren’t we pretty?!  🙂