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Well, maybe just one more…

leaves6a (233k image)

…leaf picture. I did not arrange these. I found them on the way to the mailbox. What a great composition! What a great abstract painting! Colors, textures… It almost makes me forget that #!%*#! sewing machine that ruined my morning!
But that’s of no account. I put it behind me, I rise above, I look at natures art and am replenished. Yes, I am.:rolleyes:

A strange autumn

lilac1 (240k image)

How many of you can get fresh cut lilacs for Halloween! lol Randy cut these from some bushes he’s tending for a summer resident. I still ahve roses blooming, too, but have never had lilacs this time of year before.
Lovely! πŸ™‚


woodbine (197k image)

Pop used to tear this stuff off the house, he felt about it like some people feel about ivy, but it’s so pretty. It does get a grip on the screens that it probably shouldn’t but it’s the most brilliant red in the yard this time of year. I guess I should have a try at digging it out and planting it somewhere where it can have it’s way. Only I don’t know if I could. I’ve been trying to kill off that old not-very-pretty wisteria ever since we added onto the cabin but it still puts runners out every year.
If you look into the background, those little red dots are apples on the Rome Beauty. The ones out of my reach. I thought Himself might take the hint, but I guess I’m going to have to get out a ladder.
Oh yes, check out the header! This guy and his mate used to nest in the alder tree, the one in the photo, but that bit rotted away and they left. Now they’re back again. I think they’ve dug a nest in the top of the cottonwood out back. I was happy to see them again!


pears (170k image)

Part of my morning’s work. Randy likes these for lunch or snacks so I don’t try to make them Fair shape, I just cube and be done with it. But pears are kind of boring looking this way so I tossed in a maraschino cherry to liven them up some. Got some laundry done, too, but it’s not all that photogenic! :laugh:

My next job…

canning (154k image)

Got three lugs of apples picked off the Rome Beauty. Managed to give half this lug to a friend, but the tree is still loaded with fruit. And the last of the pears are ready to can as well. And the laundry hamper is full again, and the looms shop is jammed up with orders, and I have to finish the doll for the retreat, and I got an email reminding me that the gallery needs paintings for the November show, Randy’s gone to town to get the stuff for the woodshed since our winter’s heating fuel is still sitting in a big pile out in the open… :crazy:

But! It’s a beautiful time of year. The colors are gorgeous again! What a fantastic job Mother Nature does for us! I am always awe struck. Each fall seems more magnificent than memory has the last one. Here in the yard it’s a golden world accented with the red of the roses and the woodbine. I hope you get a chance to go out and admire the world where you are. πŸ˜€


OctBug5 (331k image)

I don’t know this guys name but I thought him quite attractive. He likes my little mums very well. I got these flowers many years ago from a neighbor but they bloom faithfully every year to brighten up this Indian Summer we’re having. The predicted rain has faded away. Well, that’s fine as we don’t have the wood shed up yet. The weather is warm day times and coolish at night, but we haven’t had to build a fire for several days now.
The bear visited the old pear a few days ago, broke a couple branches out of it but did no major damage. However, the dogs have been pretty excitable ever since. And it’s been a major squirrel year! The white oaks have a bumper crop this fall and the grey squirrel population is up as well. I counted 7 of them in view at once yesterday! It’s been rather noisy as well, with the all barking and chattering and quarreling. Then the Jays have to have their word, too! There goes “The Serenity Of The Trinity Alps”! The cats ignore them all! :laugh:


Hosta2 (300k image)

We haven’t even had a real frost yet but there are signs of fall all over. The elms and Grandfather’s chestnut are all bright. The woodbine is starting to show color and my coleuses are totally shriveled, the wooses! πŸ˜€
But I thought this hosta was very pretty. It brightens up the flower b ox and the pile of plywood did not quite smash it! :O We’re having that Indian Summer that often comes around this time of year. But the Weather Wizards are talking about rain on Monday. I am enjoying this late warm sunshine while it’s here, and even though we had to tear down the old woodshed, we have a nice big stack of firewood ready.
Hope you are having sunshine where you live! πŸ™‚

Wanna guess what we did today?

firewood (209k image)

:laugh: We got a good start on a late project. I went out and got the splitter from our splitter partner. His wood shed is full. The splitter is still attached to my car. But the PU is full and there a large stack in the yard. And I have pitch in my hair. Not really a good thing, but I smell like christmas!
Cold wind blowing so we did not even work up much of a sweat. It was nice, tho. I haven’t been out in the woods in a long time.
Hope your weekend is going well.


Grapes (169k image)

The chilly temperatures and the nice ‘wetting’ rain (As the USFS calls it) helped to turn this grape leaf it’s pretty colors. I brought it in and scanned it with different colored backgrounds. The same leaf, tho it looks different. Just a bit of whimsy to welcome the new season. I noticed several trees today that are starting to turn. Welcome to the 3rd season! Hope you all have your woodsheds full! πŸ™‚