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Anniversary PI edging

PI_edging (180k image)

I finally got this edging going. I think it’s going to be nice. They called it Tulip buds but it looks like poplar leaves to me. In any case I think it goes with the rose trellis. And besides… just like it! πŸ˜› Be sure to look for the finished Pi here… in several months! πŸ˜€

Spring run-off

RunOff (161k image)

Coffee Creek isn’t as muddy as it can get to earn it’s name, but I guess it could be called Latte Creek! :laugh: I wish you could hear it roar, it is really washing it’s bed these last couple days. The temps have reached into the lower 80’s and the extraordinary snow-pack up there this year is melting rapidly. Not dangerous here but the lake is rather full so I’m kind of glad I’m not living down river! πŸ˜›
But I have been really enjoying the sunshine after all those gloomy rainy days. I’ve been getting in a lot of heavy physical labor, too, doing clean up jobs that are usually Randy’s. He’s gone back to work with a vengeance. Everyone wants their job first, of course! I did get him to get out the chainsaw and cut down that poor decrepit Hawthorn tree so I could get it hauled off. And he put some time in the loom shop this morning to get orders taken care of, too. I probably won’t see him before 8 pm tonight. But I can tell him his Giants won, which he’ll take as good news, anyway! πŸ˜€
… and there’s only three more weeks until Karen and the grand kids get here! πŸ™‚

Spring fever!

tomato_box2 (158k image)

Got more yard work done today. The sun was not really warm, but it was comfortable. This box was built using an old pile of lumber that’s been laying there for several years. By the time I was done there was only a few half rotted boards to haul off. It’s only half full because I want to get some manure to mix with the rest of the dirt. I’m going to plant the tomatoes from the seeds the boys sent out. They can tend this Little box and bucket garden while they’re here.
I hadn’t noticed how ugly that propane tank is, tho, until I saw this photo. Going to have to do something about that!
You can barely see in the background that my forsythia and flowering quince are starting to bloom. The buck-eye has some leaf buds but not much else is venturing out yet. Our last official frost date is June 1 so we have some time yet. We can usually ‘fudge’ on that but “you pays you nickle and takes you chances”!


Spnning_group (151k image)

I spent a couple days with my Sis and went with her to visit with the ladies of the Rogue River Spinning group. A fun bunch of ladies who welcomed me into the group. I wasn’t able to get everyone in the photo, there were about 4 more, including Sis on the right side of the room. The beautiful Red & Silver Ashford wheel you are admiring is (she says modestly) mine. πŸ™„ I’m told I have to be really careful about the colors I spin else they clash! lol

But I’m home again and Very Happy :laugh: to see the snow is all gone from the lawns which are showing a tinge of green! So what is the forecast is gloomy… the sun is shining today!

My birthday trip…

Oakland9a (123k image)
Home again… I had a wonderful time, in spite of the rain! I took my camera and naturally forgot to use it most of the time! :hehe: I did get this picture of my cousin, the cats and my pedicure. Cousin gave me a pedicure & manicure plus a gift certificate to a lovely yarn store in Oakland, called Article Pract on Telegraph Ave. I used it all and then some! No surprise there! πŸ˜›
Sam and Micky offered me plenty of fiber, but unfortunately it is just too short for good spinning. That’s all cat, there!
It was raining when we left and it’s raining here at home and I hear it’s going to be raining pretty much for the next two weeks at least so I guess I’m going to have plenty of fiber time to use my new yarns!
Hope your weekend was a nice as mine! And I’ve been invited back… That’s always nice to know! πŸ˜€