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For Christmas

nativity94a (78k image)

Here’s a project I started last year or maybe the year before? Anyway, I now have the major figures. Sis posted the instruction to the web site projects page, if you’re interested. I have Joseph, Mary, a shepherd, a king, and a rather homely angel. they are pretty simple figure, the kind the kiddies can play with. You can make them simple or as fancy as your yarn and trim stash allows. Bits if jewelry would make a crown, the head pieces co8uld even be made of fabric and might drape better than my stiff yarn ones. The let the young’ns invent the stable with a cardboard box and whatever you have to simulate hay. I’ll work on some sheep and maybe a donkey. There probably wont’ be a camel unless one of you would like to invent him! πŸ˜€
Meantime… Happy holiday weaving season!

First Real Snow

1snowcc (95k image)

Cori was doing a bit of frolicking on the way back from the mailbox… where we got our first Christmas card! I guess ’tis the season! πŸ˜€ I’ve finished the Nativity figures for this year. They’ll be posted to the web page shortly. I’m also working o the pattern for the cropped top. Our young cousin was delighted with it. Some of you might also enjoy it.

Life in the loom shop in November…

looms4 (29k image)

Busy, busy, busy! Just like Santa’s workshop! lol Randy’s too skinny to pass as Santa, but he’s been as busy. And we’ve got a houseful of company, which has been fun. Hope you are all having a great holiday, too. I’m working on Christmas presents in between other things, as are most of you, I’m sure. Us fiber people really get busy this time of year. If you need a loom, better let us know soon, and don’t forget that they make good gifts in themselves. A gift that really does keep giving. πŸ™‚ The Kid’s Stuff Kit is great for beginners, even those who aren’t kids. It’s the same loom as our Quilt Weaver square but it comes with enough stuff to weave a little snowman you could hang on the tree. Check the web page.

Part of what I’ve been doing.

Both (29k image)

My friend makes porcelain dolls and asked me to knit outfits for these two. The first one has a lovely black wig but I didn’t have it for the photo. I also added a red sash and bow at the waist line. I’ll get a finished photo of her, I’m rather proud of this ‘off-the-top-of-my-head dress! πŸ˜€ The sailor suit turned out cute for the second twin, but I’m not sure it’s really ‘her’, if you know what I mean. I might try something else for her, depending on what my friend likes.
Other than that, I’ve been helping my cousin finish up her knitted-felted purses for her up-coming trunk show. They are fabulous bags! I’ve already reserved mine!
We’re having company this year for Thanksgiving. That’s great. The ‘kids’ are in their early 20’s but still young people to liven things up a bit. It’s usually just Randy and I and Grandmother and now we don’t even have grandmother. We might have to try to go somewhere for Christmas, too. Maybe. There’s always weather to figure in. πŸ˜›

Better late than never….

Roses (131k image)

So this is a pic left-over from June? Nope, took it just now. See the oak leaves on the ground? This is the old rose garden, more or less left on it’s own these last few years. I guess it was just waiting for some rain. There are more buds, too, but I have little hope for them. It was 31 degrees this morning and even under the oak trees it’s got to be cold. We’re having a fire every day now and the weather forecasts are starting to mention snow levels. Those are still some way above us, but it won’t be long now. It was comfortable with all that woolly fiber in my lap last evening. What are you weaving? Still hats, here. πŸ˜€

Wow! I’m doing it!

overshot6 (128k image)

I finally got both the loom and the warping figured out and seem to have a handle on the ‘treadling’, too. If it weaves like overshot and it looks like overshot, it must be overshot, huh?! This is so cool! Now I have got to try this on the square loom. I’ve been wanting to find out how this works so I can try it with the small looms. When I get though with this table runner (It was designed by an 11 year old girl!) I’m going to give it a whirl on the square.
But meantime… this is more fun that it looked like it was going to be at the start! X your fingers for me! πŸ˜€