Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all enjoying this day and are finding many things in your life to be thankful for! There are so many things we tend to take for granted that, when we think about it, are not granted to most people on this planet. As much negativity, quarreling, and tragedy as we have seen these last couple years, there is still a brighter side to our lives if we can look for it.

I hope you can all find the bright side today and give thanks for it, no matter who or what you credit that to.

I am thankful for all of you!

Even in Death Valley there’s life and Beauty.


The 20th Anniversary Fine Sett Quilt Weaver Looms!

These new looms are for weaving with your finer yarns:  Lace, Fingering, some of the finer sock weights. You’ll love the beautiful light smooth fabrics you can weave as well as the exciting textures that can work on this close weave. They come in the same lovely woods that your favorite regular Quilt Weavers or you can mix and match. Both the 7 inch and the 31/2inch sets are available as singles or sets.

Up-date for WAL

I’ve moved the end date to Saturday, Nov. 13 to help make up for the confusion I created earlier this week. Hope it isn’t just more confusion!

But this will give a few more of you a chance to finish your Red Bird and get entered into the drawing for the Grand prize!

Thanks all who joined, whether you are able to finish or not! We’re are delighted to have so many weavers helping us celebrate our 20th anniversary party!

Winter work…

It’s November even tho with temps in the 60’s as high and the lows just in the low 40’s it doesn’t really feel very wintery. Well, except for the rain and gloomy skies. And gloomy husband. He doesn’t do well in continual darkness and besides has jobs that need to be outdoors in dry weather so that’s adding to the frustration. I’m fine tho it worries me a bit that it’s not getting cold. We are still picking pole beans and when I cut greens yesterday there was a bee buzzing around in the borage. Not normal winter conditions for these mountains. Well, I guess we’d better start getting used to the “not normal”. They are suggest a vague possibility of some snow on Monday. Not holding my breath!

But meantime, with the WAL coming to an end, I got out my cardigan project. My favorite orange sweater is wearing out. When even Himself notices it’s sort of ratty condition I guess it’s time!  So I’ll be weaving 12″ squares for some time. I’m reusing a frogged knit sweater that turned out to be a bad idea, mostly a bad fit. And I have another one that is in line for frogging as well. I guess I’d better stick to weaving! lol I balled this yarn up but it hasn’t been washed before weaving with it. I’ll find out if that’s a good idea.


But today I have to finish up a batch of apple sauce and sand a couple looms as well. The sweater is going to take awhile to finish.

  And there’s enough apples  left for a pie.


Last Week….

Looks like I was mistaken about the enduing date! The WAL will end on Wednesday November 11. That adds a couple more days for those of you who need a little more time to finish! Go! Go! You don’t want to miss a chance at this prize!

The last Week of the Anniversary WAL. It ends Monday midnight. that gives you 5 1/2 days to get your red bird finished up. Remember, you don’t have to make anything of it to qualify as a finisher, just need to have the chart woven and assembled. Of course I’ll be delighted if you do manage to get it made into something so try for it! How about adding a waist band and making it a Hostess apron for your Thanksgiving get-together?! A  little old fashioned maybe retro!, but I remember Momma wearing her prettiest aprons for those festive occasions when she had to be in the kitchen as well as in entertaining guests and family. But in any case I hope to see a few more finishers getting a chance at our BIG PRIZE!!!

A few pieces woven on the fine set. the lacy bit used the Croquette. It’s about the size of #30 crochet thread, I think. Has a bit of metallic sparkle which never shows in photos.

Post a comment to let us know how you are getting along with your project!

WAL week three already.

Turns out week three is half gone and I am already late post it. Well, you all either have most of you weaving done and re starting assembly or you are already putting it off and are probably not going to finish. You know who you are! How many woven UFOs have you got?! I’ll bet 99% of us have at least one. But now you’ve got an investment in yarn and time, you may as well finish and have something nice to show for it, right? So if you are behind, get it out and make another go!



Yeah, I have a few, too. But I manage to finish two projects for this one knowing you were all watching me! I’m watching your guys, too!

Well, this weeks prize will be a couple of my books. I haven’t decided which yet but I’ll pick a couple that I think most people might be interested in weaving. But again, post your comment here to be in the drawing!


Sharing a nice letter from a weaver!

Jody gave me permission some time ago to share her little story with Weavers here. I know exactly how she feels about weaving on the loom and I know a lot of you feel the same way but it is really nice to hear you say so from time to time. I hope this WAL has inspired some of you to dust off your looms and enjoy this relaxing and creative craft once again.
“Hazel please forgive me, but I must tell you a  story about your looms.     I don’t know when I purchased a 12” loom from you, maybe 2 or 3 years ago.   I really can’t remember, but I had such a great time in the evenings making these wash cloths.   I loved them and I loved weaving them.  You would not believe the number of wash cloths I had made.   I gave them to my daughters, to friends as Christmas gifts in a basket of goodies.   One of my friends absolutely loves them for her facial wash cloth.  Well anyway, I ran out of steam as it turned out as I was making them day and night.  I put the loom back for a while.  
Jumping forward to this past year.   My husband and I had decided to move up closer to our youngest daughter–she is 42 years old.  I have been working on our house, downsizing, packing away things to make the house a bit more appealing to prospective buyers.   Well a year ago this past August I fell–ouch—I am 73 and have strong bones praise the Lord for that, but they tell me I had very deep extensive bruising and it would take a while for me to get back on my feet- maybe about a year.  I was tickled when I finally could get up and start accomplishing some cooking and cleaning and packing again.   Me being me has to have a project of some kind going.   I decided the perfect thing would be to make some more wash cloths, besides all mine were looking pretty sad.  Well, I searched high and low and could not find my 12″ loom.  😦   So I thought okay I know it is here somewhere and since I can’t find it I will order another loom.   I saw you had the 14″ so I ordered that thinking WOW that will give me a larger size to create larger cloths.  So I ordered it.  When it arrived I immediately started making cloths again.  After making a half dozen or so I decided that these were a bit too large for what I wanted.   Finally I gave in—I told my husband, the best way for me to find my 12″ is to order another 12″.  haha.   So I did.  I was as excited as a kid on Christmas day when my 12″ arrived all safe and sound.   I immediately sat down and started making wash cloths.   I don’t know why, but all my worries go away and pleasant thoughts dance through my head as I weave.   I have several rigid heddle looms, but they are a bit awkward with me sorting and packing, but this little loom is just the right size, easy to move from room to room and so relaxing.   No, Hazel I have not yet found my other 12″ loom, but  that is okay as it will show up one day.  In the meantime,  I have this 12″ to keep me relaxed and happy.  Thank you for sharing this craft and thank you for being so prompt in sending this wonderful product.
Take care and may God bless you and yours,
This dishcloth is mine, just an illustration of the kind of weaving Jodi was describing.