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Signs of the times

SeptBerries3 (193k image)

It’s the picture I lost yesterday. The Mountain Ash on the left and the Highbush Cranberry on the right. At least that’s what I think it is. If you know for sure and can tell me if they are eatable, I’d sure love to hear form you. I haven’t been able to find any definite information about this large and lovely bush. (dorleska at I have a larger version of this on my desktop. They are so bright and pretty. The other plants and trees in the yard and forests are also starting to turn. Lead, of course, by that all time favorite, the Poison Oak. It gets the nicest red. The dogwood is more pinkish and, of course, the maples the brightest sunshiny yellow. It won’t be long before everything is lit up.
I’m hoping the the stove will be lit up, too, but so far the woodshed is empty. :O Himself had better get on that soon! The temps are falling a bit every night now.
Hope you are having a lovely autumn! πŸ˜€

Liz Zimmerman’s Baby sweater

BabySurprizeSweater (122k image)

You may have seen this one. It’s knit all in one piece, and of course, I forgot to take a picture of it before I folded and sewed the shoulders in place. Been wanting to try this one for sometime and little Elizabeth (due next month sometime) gave me an excellent opportunity. I’ve been saving those buttons , too. In case you can’t read them, they say BINGO. Cute, huh? πŸ˜€
I took a bunch of pretty fall pictures today but just as I had the post featuring a good one ready to send, I clicked the wrong button and sent it into Computer Twilight Zone. 😦 Oh well… I’m sure you have plenty of pretty pictures in your own yards these days.

Fiber weather is a comin’! :laugh:

Pre-warped triangle

pre-warped_tri3 (22k image)

There was some question on the list about how to weave a prewarped triangle so I thought I’d post my version. Since I understand instructions best if there’s a picture, here’s my sketch. The red is the warp. I started at top left and warped around each nail as shown, ending at bottom left. Then I start weaving also at top left. I don’t use a needle, I still use my hook. You may be able to do more stuff needle weaving, I dunno. I weave the loop though and hook it on the bottom right nail, then repeat across ending top right. But now the loops up the right side are not locked in so you need to weave a single strand down the right side in and out, making sure you go though each of the loops that go around the nails.
You’ll find that this is a good way to use your finer yarns as it is a much closer weave. It also puts the bias on the hypotenuse so you’ll probably want to work one of those chain finishes there, as well. To fringe or not is a personal choice, but there are a lot of really pretty lace edgings, if you are a crocheter.

Making progress…

Another_hat2.JPEG (142k image)

I finished the third one last evening. Decided to finish it a bit differently. It has 4 ‘corners’ on top. Rather cute, I think. Today I have looms to sand, domestics to tend to, and I’d like to start measuring warp for the big loom, too. I also want to try an idea I have for anther hat using finer yarn. I’ve lowered the contents of the ‘scrap’ basket hardly at all so far! πŸ˜›

It’s warmer today but no sign of any rain. I hear the fires are up and running again because of the wind we’ve been having and it sounds like that isn’t done yet. And hunting season starts this weekend. Please be fire safe out there guys! 😦

Only 96 days, 16 hours, 9 minutes…

Hats (129k image)

LOL I have a counter that tells me how long until Christmas! πŸ˜€ It even counts the seconds! Anyway, I thought I may as well start using some of the small skeins in the “scrap” basket to make winter hats for gifts. Only had enough of this yellow/orange for one 12″ square so found some bits and pieces of white in there that I kool-aided last night. They’ll match well enough. Young boys aren’t real picky, thank goodness! I have another started, in a steely blue grey bulky and am using my Spin-off skein of orange/red/yellow for the fine yarn to add a bit of color. It’s kind of fun to see what I can come up with out of that basket. And it’s certainly getting to be cool enough mornings and evenings, to work with wools. There seems to be less smoke this morning. Randy said the dew was dripping off the roof this morning… I know it isn’t going to put the fires out, but might help slow them down if we get a bit of moisture. What we need is a nice drenching rain. Doesn’t seem to be in the forecast, tho. Okay guys… start dancing! :blush:

Another Brown Sky

Anotherbrownsky (117k image)

The sun is a brilliant red spot but the camera’s eye don’t copy it that way. This fire is quite a way from us but the wind and weather are right for it to blow our way today. I guess they are having a time of it over there. too. They are evacuating people down river and it looks like the fire is staying ahead of them. There is a 30% of rain and cooler weather predicted for the end of the week, but that front could also bring the winds that they don’t need.

PLEASE be fire safe where ever you are!

Weaving colors every other row in the tri

Every_Other_Color4 (166k image)

I started from opposite sides, but I don’t know that you have to do that. You’ll bring the yarn over the previous color each time on the hypotenuse. The photo on the left is wrong because the red yarn should have been on the other side of the nail. I had to take the out and redo it. This is much easier on the square, IMO πŸ™„ But it isn’t difficult here, either. Getting started is the trickiest part. If you don’t have a velcro dot, you might want to half hitch around the beginning nails. That’s pretty much it. If you have any questions you can email me: dorleska at tds dot net 😎

Gosh, I love autumn!

Blackberrys (120k image)

Just finished the peaches, I’ve been picking blackberries for some time now, and the apples and pears are just about ready! My tomatoes are still bright green, but you can’t have everything I guess! :laugh:
These luscious berries will be short cake for dinner tonight. Randy’s uncle will be here and I’m told he’s bringing dinner so I picked dessert. And they are sooo fat, and juicy, and sweet this year! I love them in a bowl with a bit of milk but for tonight I thought we’d get a little fancy. And the thing I like about blackberries is that they are best fresh. Peaches and apples are good in pies (tho they’re also good fresh) but blackberries baked in a pie are just juice and seeds. They lose their body.:P
I hope you are taking advantage of your area’s bounty!
Bon appetite!

Fire moon

moom_mountain (46k image)

The moon these mornings is Harvest Moon full and bight orange. That’s the smoke coming over the alps from the fire down river. I heard they were getting close to 25% contained, but it’s also getting close to several small towns over there. The sun was looking a bit red today, too. It’s cooling off this week and I think the humidity is due to rise a bit as well, which will help fire fighting, as long as the wind stays down. They promise us no rain, however. I hope if you’re out in the woods these days you are being VERY, VERY careful with burning things. You should not be smoking, for your own health, but if you must, please do it in your car and dispose of the butts in the ash tray. Do that for the health of the forest and all us creatures who live there!
Thank you! πŸ™‚

FO… at long last!

F&F3 (145k image)
I finally finished my Feather and Fan tablecloth. It’s the F&F pattern from Gathering of Lace worked in crochet thread. There are 4 subtle color changes in it since I ran out of the first thread that I had in my stash (I thought I had enough 😦 ) and then couldn’t find the rest of the stuff Sis bought for me, then… well, I lost track of the 3rd one or it could just be my imagination… so the last one, which is the most obvious, is one I bought myself. By that time I didn’t care what color it was, I just wanted to get it finished! lol Anyway, all in all I think it turned out pretty good. I didn’t pin out all the stupid little loops on the edging, in fact, if it hadn’t been more work to frog than to finish, I would have, about half way round, just bound it off plain. Well, I’ll take an iron or something to the edge and flatten it out a bit.
Anyway, as you can see, it almost fits my dining table. And No! :O I’m not making another one for it! glad its finished.
I didn’t work the center motif because I intend it for a lamp table and didn’t figure it’d show all that fancy work, besides, I didn’t want to work out the chart. Yeah, I’m a lazy knitter! lol
So! That’s done and I’m down to only 2 UFO’s! Way to go, Hazel! :laugh: