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Stor Rund Dug

Stor_Rund_Dug4 (244k image)

Sis says it means Very Big Doily. She also says hers measures 42″ across so I think it’s pretty well named! It’s also gorgeous! she’s been working on it for some time now and I think it was well worth the effort. It’s hand-spun and hand dyed yarn as well. I am in total awe of her knitting skills and even more so of her patience! Well, I think my little piece of Pi is kinda cute but it certainly isn’t in the same class as this work of art!
I wonder if she has time between now and Xmas to whip out another one…? πŸ˜‰

Oops! Sis says this one wasn’t her handspun. I must have been thinking of her PI!

“I used lace weight yarn from in a color they called Vermillion LC. It was a single ply. I used size 6 needles.

My Pi-R-Finished, at last!

MyPI1 (152k image)

Well, here it is. It’s not very big but plenty soft so it might be a baby shawl. It was an interesting project and inspired me to try the Feather and Fan from Meg Swanson’s “Gathering Of Lace”. It’s not impossible that I might even have another go at it someday. I have learned a lot about lace in the EsasPi workshop on yahoo. I’ve got the Fox Island vest started, too. Anyway… an FO is comfortable thing no matter what! πŸ˜€

The middle

MyPI_center (153k image)

You can see where I quit on the diamonds. It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it was going to because I was thoroughly lost! πŸ˜₯ It’s pretty hard to see when you have the thing bunched on a circ but all in all I was surprised that it wasn’t worse! lol :laugh:

The outside

MyPI_edging (143k image)

This is what I settled on for the last increase. It’s a row from the feather and fan pattern in “Gathering” that I’m also knitting as a table cloth. It fit my stitch count and seems to ahve worked ok.

A New Release!

scan (27k image)

Okay… the weaving movie is finally done. “Put to bed” is, I think, the movie term for ‘the dad-blasted thing is finished at last’! Wow! The weaving was easy but the rest was certainly more work than meets the eye! lol We don’t hear the mantle clock ticking or the dog barking or the roosters crowing or the aquarium burbling away but the camera picks up every sound and magnifies it on tape! :O And every clunk when I drop the loom or %#*&! when I mess up :blush: . Rosy thought our giggling fits and asides by me were unprofessional and ruthlessly edited all this ‘homey’ stuff out! :plain: Oh well, she says it’s just funny the first time and distracting when you’re trying to learn something and I guess she’s right. So this DVD focuses on weaving. Brother John’s guitar picking lightens the mood. If you’re a guitar person you’ll want to take a look at his web page, he builds beautiful instruments as well as plays and even, on occasion, sings! πŸ˜€
But if you think you might be interested in seeing our movie debut, the 45 minute DVD is for sale on the web page now, for a modest $19.95 plus shipping.
Meantime… Happy weaving! πŸ™‚

My new lace

HapShawl4 (40k image)

In case anyone notices that I haven’t posted lately, here’s why. I’ve joined a Shetland lace workshop (on-line) and here’s my mini Hap Shawl. It fits Margaret just fine, I think! I am weaving, too, but that’s a secret yet. It’s a Christmas pattern that I’ll post as soon as it’s done. I hope weaver’s will like it.

My favorite color…

Woodbine2a (195k image)

Woodbine can be a pain, it wants to grow on my screen and it creeps under the porch and out into the flower beds and lawn as well as up into the alder tree (that part is okay) but it is the prettyiest thing in the yard this time of year. Yes, the elms and maples and Grandfather’s hickory are cheerfully yellow, but… I like red! πŸ˜€

My Mohair shawl

mohair_triangle_shawl_2views (123k image)

I made this one without a point in the back but it is extra wide as you can see, so that I can tie it loosely in front. It will also go around me and tie in the back like the Hap shawls the lace knitters are making. I am making a beaded fringe for it but it’s slow going. I think it will look fine when I get it done, however. Meanwhile, this shawl hardly weighs anything but is quite warm. It is 5 14″ triangles across the hypotenuse.