About Us

It’s Us since we, together, are Hazel Rose Looms. It’s Me because I write this blog, Himself doesn’t even read it.

I was born on April 1st. April Fools Day. The family has long wondered if the joke was on me or on my parents. A question that has remained unanswered. At least by the discrete. As a child it bugged me because every one thought it was a joke and wouldn’t believe it was my birthday. Now days no one doubts it. Ah well..

Himself was also born in April, but he shares his with Earth Day. He makes compost and builds things.

I’m arty and crafty and reasonably intelligent, by my own judgement, if that doesn’t disqualify me right off.  I guess I am pretty much like everyone else in the long run. I enjoy my life for the most part, I try to look on the bright side and believe that people are good and friendly and usually they are. You have to feel sorry for those who are sour and mean, they have got to be really unhappy people. If a smile doesn’t help, I tend to leave them alone.

My hobby became our loom business mysteriously. It was not really planned, just sort of happened but we’ve been at it since Oct of 2000. I was hoping to get the kids involved but they have their own directions and don’t seem interested in ours. That’s okay. It lets us live in these beautiful mountains. We have all we need and most of what we want. Can hardly top that, huh?