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I found it! Or rather, my sister did. it’s called iris japonica or japanese iris and seems to be considered a weed by some people. lol I gether from google-ing that is mulitplies rapidly in some areas. this isn’t one, it does multiplyhere, too, but reasonably & I am fine with it as it has a lovely flower, as you can see.

The sun is shining again at last! It is soooo lovely!  lol I am not usually bothered by cloudy and rainy days but it was getting to me this spring. Tho I had to spend some time in the shop today I’ve been out transplanting garden plants and flowers. I found another blossom on the Orchid Iris. I don’t  know the real name of this plant and cannot remember where I got the start but it’s a lovely plant and I hope someone will be able to recognize it for me. They grow about a foot tall and multiply rapidly but only bloom if they like where they are. I have not come up with a no-fail place but sometimes I get lucky and meet their conditions. If you know who this is, Please let me know!

Just wondering…

Just wondering if it really matters if we are vegetarians or not. This vegetable knows it is spring. It was growing roots in my fridge and had little leaflets on top. Trying to grow, still obviously alive. But I had to kill it for our dinner. Well, Nature made it so and I can’t eat sand.

I think it’s the rain rain rain rain rain rain that’s bringing on these dreary fits! The world is certainly green and that’s good but oh so wet. The lilacs and iris are beginning to look a bit worse for wear. The cats have been suffering advanced Cabin Fever, but when I let them out this morning, they declined and went back to bed. I wanted to, but we had looms to build. I know, in a month or less we’ll be complaining about the heat.. happens most every year. Still… right now I can hardly wait!

Hope you aren’t too soggy.

It’s getting warm…

Found a sure sign of spring yesterday. Well, Himself did, actually. He got out the lawn mower. 😦 I like my yard meadow with the wild flowers and bees and butterflies. But he’s taken it over and he likes a lawn. At least he’s not inclined to the chemical approach and he does compromise by mowing around the few he recognizes as flowers. But, all that apart, we did add these to dinner last night!

Home again

Well, I’m sorry I did not keep my promise to post here while we were on our trip. I forgot to put up links for myself and I could not log in to my admin to post. You might just guess I am not really computer literate.  But we are home again and I have just made sure that I have the links I need the next time we go tripping! And I have tons of photos, of course, which I will not post here. Well, I’ll post some but not the ‘tons’.

The start of our trip was rather white and cold. This was a morning in Nevada where we stayed in a state park. Nice place but the weather wasn’t the greatest! lol

This is a waterfall in Zion National Park. There was just too much to see to even take it all in in one visit. Everything is too BIG!

These things are called HooDoos. They are the hard parts of the sandstone that was left after the rest washed away. This is Red Canyon and my favorite part.

This guy is apparently quite used to tourists in Brice Canyon park, as he sat there and let us take his picture until he got bored with the process and flew off to spiral heavenward on an updraft above this colorful canyon.

While we had snow in the beginning, the desert was blooming beautifully by the time we headed home. I took a bunch of flower pictures but this cactus was among the showy-ist

Met a great lady in this shop in Hatch, Utah. An artist after my own heart! I bought a ‘trinket’ in her shop and we talked art. She’s learning to spin and is taking rug weaving lessons from an Indian gentleman who raises sheep nearby. The town of Hatch is on highway 89 if you are in that part of the country you should not miss a chance to stop and browse her shop!

This is Mount Tom, taken from an over-look as we headed home out of  Bishop, CA. We drove up to Sabrina, not at the top but waaay up there. This is the Sierra Nevada range. There are gobs more pictures but  I think this is enough. You ought to go visit the desert someday, if you can. It is beautiful country to see, but I am happy to live just where I do.