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On The Road Again…

5th wheelHere we go again. First to Booneville and then to Canby for OFFF. I haven’t got any new projects to show you unless you want to see my pints of green beans and the black berry and peach jam. It’s the tag end of summer so you know the garden is priority.  But I have a neighbor taking care of it for these next two weeks. She’ll get the beans for awhile. The squash bushes are slowing down finally! lol But I have a couple new things to show at the fairs so do come look if you can make it.

We’re all on edge here these days about the fire danger. The woods are a tinder box so I hope everyone is being extra cautious. It takes very little to set one off and they go wild once started as I am sure you are all seeing in the news. It makes me a little nervous to leave just now. Not that there is much anyone can do once a fire gets going except pray for rain. There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow but it doesn’t sounds like it will be a drought ending storm. However, any will be welcomed.

Hoping to see you at the fairs!

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