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Merry Christmas

Stockingshung (146k image)

Sorry I have not been updating this blog lately, but this is such a slow time of year that there is just nothing that interesting to talk about! we got a little snow earlier but that is mostly rained off since. We are working in the loom shop and Randy is rebuilding his lumber sheds in preparation for building our new shop building come spring. I’ve been weaving doll clothes and doing some knitting. I have a curtain project figured out for the Baby Wolf but have not been able to get my warp measured as the warping board is on the porch and it’s just too darned cold out there!
We were invited to spend Christmas with Randy’s step mom in Sausalito but he does not want to travel on the holiday. Too bad, I have never spent Christmas in the city and was kind of looking forward to it. So it will just be the two of us. But it looks like we may have three grandsons here this coming summer! Three teens! That should liven things up!
I hope you are all having a lovely Family Christmas and, even if you are up to your chin in snow, that it will be a safe & warm one!

Frosty was here.

Treasure_Creek_Icey (346k image)

It’s been a little on the chilly side here in the North Fourty. When I was out for my walk awhile ago I could see it was snowing quite nicely up in the Alps. We had some flurries here this morning but nothing since tho we are predicted to have some tonight. It’s clouded up and getting dark. We’ll know by morning, I’m sure! ๐Ÿ˜€
Happy winter, everyone!

Welcome to December

haws (498k image)

Grandfather’s Hawthorn tree is loaded with haws this year. It’s a perfectly decorated Christmas tree for the yard! I Hope the local critters like them as there are two loaded trees full! I guess I ought to ‘google’ and find out if they are good for people since there’s more than enough to share. But even if they are not, they are so very pretty.

Our winter weather this week is cold but clear and bright. We can even work outside… after about 11 am and until the sun sets around 3:30 pm! ๐Ÿ˜€

I put up my little fiber optic tree and set the guardian angle on top. The Multi loom stockings I wove for Weavezine last year are hung By The Chimney With Care as well. I guess that constitutes my decorating for the season. :hehe: I may get around to making a wreath for the porch or I may not.
Hope you are enjoying the season!

If you are weaving on our looms and have posted anything to your blog, I’d like to link it here if you would be so kind to send me the link via my email. Thanks!

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