The Green Thumb Top is done. The shirt looks nice but I am not very good at the selfie thing! Here I am with my mouth open.. no comments on that, please! But it fits well tho it’s probably a good thing my cleavage is a bit lower than it used to be! As you can see it kind of wandered away from the original sketch, but that’s the way projects usually go. I’m happy with it.


5 thoughts on “Finished

  1. it is perfect! so positive and refreshing – it suits you perfectly 🙂
    This Shirt can feel gentled.
    How are you gonna wash it? by hand?


    • I wanted it machine washable. But I guess I did not preshrink/full it enough as it did shrink up some more when I washed it in the machine again, I was able to steam it out again but it will have b=to be handled more gently in the future. and the nest one will be treated rougher before attaching it to a shirt. I do not like hand washing if I can avoid it at all!


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