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The 20th Anniversary Fine Sett Quilt Weaver Looms!

These new looms are for weaving with your finer yarns:  Lace, Fingering, some of the finer sock weights. You’ll love the beautiful light smooth fabrics you can weave as well as the exciting textures that can work on this close weave. They come in the same lovely woods that your favorite regular Quilt Weavers or you can mix and match. Both the 7 inch and the 31/2inch sets are available as singles or sets.


The new Little Looms magazine just came out and I’m in it! They wanted my little Onsie, woven on the 4″ square Multi loom. This is only my 2nd time being Published. A few years ago Handwoven had one of my doll dresses in it. I  think I’ve caught the Bug! lol I’ve got a list of subjects and dates for projects and am busy planning!

But here’s the Onsie.

If you have a new baby coming, child, grandchild, friend, you might like this one. It’d make a great shower gift, too! (Link above to magazine, or check your local book store-if you can do so safely.) I used the 4″ triangle, too, but I think you could use the square and just fold it. However, we would be happy to sell you a 4″ triangle, they are very handy! The theme was Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. Mine is named after a flower so in the Veg category. This magazine only comes out once a year but I’ve already submitted & had accepted my project for next year.

Hey! Remember… You knew me when!




Picking up an abandoned project. It’s 4 colors of Lopi. Can’t remember where it came from, a swap, maybe? Anyway, I think it was supposed to be a vest and that is what it is going to be now. Haven’t had a new vest in awhile.  It was lovely out on the deck this morning so I will weave and sip until the sun makes it over the firs.

A month late, but Happy 2016!

Well, I have been weaving, but too much other stuff going on as well. Not the fun stuff, but the busy stuff. You know….

Snow–DSCN0447 Rain…rainTrying to get to Medford for lumber and supplies, including groceries. Not making it! Well, we did eventually make it but not this time. Very slick ice over the mountain, we gave up and tiptoed back down 2 mph.icy Mt. And a new doll…Front so I had to go play with the doll knitters for the Valentines KAL. Yes, I know I could have woven one, but I like to knit also. I’ll be good now. And then there’s the end of the year paper work… such fun. NOT!DSCN0511

So there’s my excuses for not posting. We’re signing up for the year’s fiber fairs and planning trips already and as I said, I am getting in a little weaving time. Still working on the many way to make a 6″ square. DSCN0508 And also looking at possibly teaching a class so need short fast projects. Hummmm……

But today is February oneth and time to pay bills so I guess I’d better get on with that. At least the sun is shining today so it is a bit more cheerful if not significantly warmer. Snow tomorrow, they tell us.

Hope your winter is going well!



A UK Weaver

Jacqueline Bell of the UK shared some photos of her work with us recently and gave me permission to re-post the pictures. This woman does wonderfully creative work. Her workmanship is as superb as her design abilities. Bitsa Throw Cushions     Rainbow throw  Sloppy Joe  Boucle Triangles Throw And last, a blanket Jacky said was made in the 1950’s by family members using the old Weave-it looms. 1957 Throw This weaver has promised me more photos of her work to share and inspire! I love seeing the wonderful work weavers are making with the looms. Makes the long hours out in the shop seem worthwhile! Happy Weaving!

A couple of new old projects.

I was rummaging and found these two. The quilt top was one of the first projects I made with our looms. I used the Tiny Weaver set, the 3 1/2″  square and triangle, to make this quilt top. I ran it though the washer and found some quilt batting and fabric for a backing and now it’s a proper quilt. I think it’s about crib size. The backing color is not ideal, but it was the only bit of fabric I could find in my stash that fit.

Quilt3 Quilt2

The other thing I found was a blouse I made for myself back in the day, too. It has used an assortment of loom sizes. The 12″ and the 3 1/2″ I think. The yoke and sleeves in this one are knitted. I can’t recall off hand what the yarn is called but it’s a sport weight (I think) cotton. It was comfortable and nice to wear but you probably notice that I am speaking in the past tense. Well, you know how things go when you ‘grow up’.


But now we’re almost ready to leave for Canby and OFFF. Randy is finishing up his 7 foot shawl loom. He promised someone (Sorry but we can neither of us remember who) that he’d have one this year. I think I am ready. Tomorrow I take the cats in to the ‘motel’ & buy groceries for the trailer and Thursday we hit the road. Keep your fingers x-ed for a cool but dry weekend!

Do come see us if you can!

pattern for Ducks Quilt.

If you are interested in making this Ducks Quilt here is the layout I used. I sewed my blocks together with the over hand stitch.  I added the row of yellow blocks using the blue to crochet these onto the top and bottom to make the square quilt a bit more rectangular. After sewing the 9 yellow blocks together, I did a row of single crochet on the bottom edge of that strip and another row of single crochet on the top edge of the assembled blanket. Then I worked a slip stitched to connect the two rows. Repeat at the bottom of the blanket. Then I worked a border of two rounds of single crochet in blue and yellow. You all know you can email me at any time if you have any questions about this project or about the looms. I’d love to see your projects, too!

I forgot to add that the yarn I used was some very nice Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, called Multi Cotton. It suggested hand washing but I put it in the machine for a short gentle wash. I also put it in the drier until just barely damp and dried it the rest of the way laid out flat. It did fine.

Lay out for duck quilt