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Customer’s project

{{popup eves_blanket_block.jpg eves_blanket_block 376×360}}One block of Eve’s blanket
(pop-up above) Here is the block that Eve started with. It was woven on the Quilt Weaver square loom. She said, ” I wanted you to see what I’m making with my quilters square loom. I got some very nice corriedale fleeces and wanted to make a throw for my husband for Christmas, couldn’t decide on doing one in crochet or knitted but I knew I wanted to do squares so he wouldn’t catch on to what I was doing. He has a home office so he is always around and such a snoop! I decided to try to work out a design with the looms and came up with something I like a lot. I have received quite a few comments and questions about the squares from people who either had the looms and hadn’t actually used them yet or people who hadn’t realized you could make something really nice with them. About the only thing I would have changed in this throw design would be to use a larger square to make it go faster… I think.. I’m not sure how the design would look done larger… “

Loom Owners weaving!

{{popup Eves_Hazel_loom_throw2.jpg Eves_Hazel_loom_throw2 466×438}}Eve’s throw, made up of the block above.
Eve sent this picture of a throw she made for her DH for Christmas. Said when she saw him snuggled up napping later in the day she decided to add a bit to make it bigger and then add a border. Not that it needs a border. It looks great the way it is!

Yarn size suitable for the looms

{{popup threadsizebabyyarn.jpg threadsizebabyyarn 320×499}}This one used baby yarn
(The yarn sample pictures are pop-ups…click on the name above both entries.)This is baby yarn. It should be about ‘lifesized’ and was woven doubled-on-the-nails. These two are about as fine as I’ve had experince with. I’ll weave up one of the fine mohair woven single so you can see how that looks, too.

Yarn size suitable for the looms

{{popup threadsizepetipoint.jpg threadsizepetipoint 380×520}}This one is peti-point, or embroidry yarn
This is petipoint yarn, the kind that comes is skeins like embroidery thread. It should be about “life-sized”. That was my plan, anyway. It is about 21 WPI and was woven doubled-on-the-nails.

I’ll Take the (square) Check


Square Check (11k image)
(This is some superwash stash and the bit of white is some mohair that really didn’t belong in there! lol)

You can see the loops at the top of the square where I carried the yarn over two nails. They are not outrageously large but can’t be left as the edge but must be disguised somehow, in seam or edging. The tri*s don’t have this problem, or rather, it disappears when they are chained off. But here is the way I wove the square and maybe one of you can come up with a solution. I know you can cut and weave ends but I really really hate doing that unless there is no way around. And I think I’d rather go with the tri squares first! How’s that for lazy?

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After Effects

A little cross stitch(11k image)
A little talk about decorating your weaving. I haven’t done x-stitch since my Great Aunt Margaret made me sit down and stitch pillow cases for my Hope Chest when I stayed with her one summer. She was aghast that I didn’t have that relic of another age filled with hand-work. She was even more aghast by my lack of skill in that basic embroidery stitch. She’s probably “turning in her grave” now at my continued lack of proficiency but here is my offering and I’m sure there are many of you who have become pretty experts at X stitch since it’s become so popular these last few years. I hope you’ll be will to share here with other weavers, how to do a better job than I’m going to be showing you.
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