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Topsey Turvy doll

topsey_turvey_twinsa (61k image)
Well, I got my topsey truvey doll done at last. I’m still not happy with the faces, but if I keep changing them I’m going to wear hole in them! lol It’s Cinderella as the poor sister and as the future Mrs. Charming. Ella in her apron looks okay, but in her ball gown she looks a bit too smug at having caught the prince. Well, all in all I’m pleased with her. The doll was made with the Tiny Weaver square and is about 12″ tall. I used three Quilt Weaver squares to make her skirt. It needed to be a bit full in order to tuck her short arms in neatly. Her hair is a fat braid first in a bun and then in a more elaborate chignon. I was going to give her a tiara in place of her glass slipper but didn’t have anything appropriate except my rhinestone necklace, which she ain’t gettin’, so I decided she’d just have to wait until after the wedding and get one from the prince! πŸ˜€
Now I guess I’ll go back to working on the blanket and the project I thought of for next christmas.

Tuesday morning…

12-28-04a (38k image)
That berm is as solid as cement! There is so much water in this snow that when you make a bootprint the water runs into it immediately and about 6″ deep. There’s a good 14″ or more of it on the level. Well, at least it isn’t raining this morning, but the forecast though next tue is for more of the same. Winter… isn’t it scenic? lol πŸ˜› Hope you are keeping warm, where ever you are!

Sunday after Xmas

Crazy_Quilt_19 (27k image)
Been snowing all day and still at it heavily. Forecast for more. Randy has almost finished both the books he bought me for Xmas. I got started on one. Made this block for my Crazy Quilt using some small diamonds I wove for the web page picture. I think it’s cute. It’s about 10″ square, I think. I also got the sleeves knit for my sweater. Did all the household chores that require electricity, just in case. It’s gone off a couple times today but only for a few minutes. If it snows all night I’ll be really surprised if it’s still on in the morning, tho.
Well, I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas presents and your company, if you are lucky enough to have some.
I’m off to fix my favorite dinner… left-over turkey! Had turkey sandwich for lunch and I think we’ll have hot turkey sandwiches for dinner. Yummm!

Crazy_Quilt_7a (69k image)

Here’s my latest project. I decided to use up some of these demo blocks we’ve woven the last 3 years at fiber fairs. I’m doing a single crochet around the blocks and the putting them together with a slip stitch. It makes a nice fat dark border between them. As you may have noticed I’ve also tossed in a few ‘granny squares’ to add some variety. Not but what it has plenty of color variety! lol This one will go on the twin bed in the studio so I have hopes of finishing it a bit faster than the Queen I made for our bed.
I’ve also gotten about halfway done with a new top for me on the ISM. I’m using some L.B. Jamie with kp2. I think it’s going to be really nice. I may have to do some design decisions on the sleeves, because I don’t think there’s going to be enough of the pale blue I’m using, but I have quite a bit of other colors I can work in.

Well, I hope you guys all have a wonderful Holiday!

My weekend’s knitting :blush:

Barbie&Joe (25k image)

More stuff out of Nicky’s book. The poncho is not quite hers. I modified her pattern and knitted it on dps. Barbie got a hat to match (my design… that was a tricky one! LOL) and a new skirt. Joe was in desperate need of civvies so I got out the left-over sock yarn and made him a new shirt. Also my design. I was going to knit him some pants but the only ones Nicky has in the book are shorts and it’s too cold today for that so he’s still wearing his dungarees. And a new red watch cap for his little blond pin-head. Aren’t they a couple. Barb has to sit because she rather towers over Joe. He’s much more macho than pretty Ken, but shorter! Guess I’ll have to get Ken out and make him a smart new jacket or vest for Christmas. Well, you probably guessed that I’m a Barbie fan. I probably have more Barbies than most any little girl you know. Oh well, I never could wear the kind of dresses she does so I enjoy making them for her! lol Living vicariously though my dolls! I know… Get a Life, Lady! :laugh:

More sock yarn left-overs

Trolls (43k image)
I bought these little guys (they’re 5″ tall less the hair) in one of those stores that sell stuff that didn’t sell elsewhere and one of those times when Himself was gone from home I spent my evenings knitting them a wardrobe with left-over sock yarns. I think they’re awfully cute little dust collectors! πŸ™„

More snow…

!snow6 (35k image)
We got the rest of the predicted foot last night and then it started raining so it’s a real sloppy mess. Power went out again about 2:30 am and just came on again (and off and on lol) about 2 pm.So I got the dishwasher & the vacuuming done in a hurry… just in case! Now I have to do a bit of printing. The last book got stopped abut half way though when the power went out yesterday. The two “ice cream cones” in this picture are my bird bath and the BBQ. There’s lot of broken and downed trees. Our Mountain Ash is looking bad … again. 😦
Well, nothing in the forecast now but gloom and rain. I can handle that if the power stays on! I’ll get a picture of what I’ve been doing to pass the time and post it here soon.
Stay warm!


!snow2a (57k image)
Well, you can see in this picture why our power was out for 20 hours. We got about 4″ of this heavy, very wet stuff. I’ll bet those line men are home in bed shivering now! It’s snowing again, off and on… Hope they don’t have to get out of their warm beds again tonight!
I spent the day packing looms, knitting, & grumbling about conditions. :angry: It helped a lot, I’m sure! :hehe:
I hope you all had a drier and brigther day!

Still snowing

First_Snow_12-04B (35k image)
We’ve got about 3″ now… 4pm… and it’s coming down heavily. If we get the 9 to 11″ predicted tonight we’ll surely be out of power by morning. It’s already blinked off twice so if I’m incommunicado you’ll know what happened.

Merry Merry!

First_Snow_12-04 (40k image)
Here’s our first snow. It’s been at it less than an hour and they are predicting up to a foot. Of course, their predictions have been pretty much dead wrong so far! lol Like this wasn’t due until this evening. Or sometime last week…
Oh well, it’s fine and dry, the squeaky kind of snow, so that part is okay. It makes great snowballs but also melts really fast when the sun finally hits it.
Hope you’re getting some mild seasonal weather, too. πŸ™‚