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Making progress… truely!

The_sorting_room (161k image)

:O It looks like a mess but I’ve managed to empty 4 bins by organizing and eliminating. That white box in the center is full of short bits, and dirty bit’s, and skeins in such tangled mess that they can’t be saved. There’s a big box of stuff for Goodwill but most importantly, the yarns are now in an order that will let me find what I need without having to search every one of these bins! There are 12 bins in the hallway closet and the new shelves Randy is going to put up this weekend (I hope!) should hold another twelve. Grandmother’s pantry is still home to the stuff I bought from Pat, and it will probably mostly stay there awhile yet. I have about 7 bins of cheap acrylics that will become vet pet blankets as soon as I can get back to projects. I made some a couple years ago and my vet likes them. They are machine washable, sanitizable, and the poor sick critters like them and the vet never has enough. He can toss them if they get too bad and not be out a lot, either. But anyway, you can see that I really am making progress. Today I organize the spinning stash and I should be ready for that trip to Goodwill. Oh yes, the timer sitting on the front bin is to remind me to move the sprinklers in the yard! I have one more week to get everything pretty before Sis comes to visit. I told promised her it’d be done by the time she arrived. Cross you fingers for me! πŸ˜€

What I’m doing instead of posting here!

newrugborder2a (129k image)

πŸ˜€ I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but the walls are a light lavender. I have to use the old brown rug until Randy gets a chance to finish the floor later this summer. (I hope!) But it needed something to disguise the kool-aid, rust and (other!?!) stains left on it by the previous owner and the grandkids last summer. So while watching the home & Garden channel one day…! lol Why not paint a rug? On purpose, I mean. So a piece of old lattice made the trellis in the center, some painters tape for the border and I cut the stencil for the vines from some brown wrapping paper, and stuck it down with some of Randy’s photo mount spray adhesive. I had to recoat it half way though but it worked fine. Barely made it around before my can of brown ran dry but it’s enough. The thin spots will be under the beds. I think it did a pretty good job of camouflaging the stains. The colors are brown and gold. I had purple and green but the colors were too bright and I didn’t like them.


tapeing (227k image)

It’s getting done! I’m excited! I think I’m buying paint tomorrow, tho I don’t suppose he’ll have the texturing done by then, it should be ready to start on Monday, at least. Or maybe Tuesday! :laugh:
You can see the bed frames out by the alder tree, the mattresses are stacked under tarps on the picnic table. Couldn’t get them in the main room, it’s so stacked full already!
Is this “the light at the end of the tunnel?’! :laugh:

Before (164k image)

We finally have the room done! But… the drywall guy who promised to have the taping and texturing done by the weekend, didn’t show yesterday and didn’t call and wasn’t home when I called him last evening. 😦 I know he has the reputation, but it was still disappointing. I am making a list of paint and stuff I need once he’s done and then I can get some of this stuff out of here and will be able to Walk Though My Studio Again!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€
As you can see it’s almost solid stuff! To the right the floor is stacked with bins and boxes with just a narrow isle to the front door. The door you see in the photo is in the new room. πŸ’‘ I’m asking for magnetic vibs, to draw the guy over and keep him stuck to the job until it’s done! :laugh:
Thanks for your help!!

My new socks

mo-sockPair3 (137k image)

I bought this yarn and the mohair at BSG and swatched on #3 & #6 bamboo dps. I wanted fat socks to fit my fat shoes. My regualr socks are too thin for these too wide shoes, but that’s okay because now I can wear my ‘fat’ socks with my shoes instead of having to save them all for winter boots. Anyway, I decided to go with the #6’s because I thought the fabric with the #3’s was a bit stiff. But as you can see, I have plenty of yarn left so I think I’ll do another pair with the smaller needles. I want to try those socks where you knit the heel in last to make the heel and toe replaceable. It’s usually the toe I wear out first, but mostly I just want to try the after-thought heels. I love my colorful fuzzy tops. Dunno how well the locks will stay knitted in, but even if it all sheds out, I’ll still have nice socks. πŸ’‘ I’m thinking I’ll spin up the rest of the mo, maybe ply it with some rayon thread I have into a sort of tail-spun. I’ve never done tail spun, but hey! How hard can it be? πŸ˜›
Meantime, I have some looms to finish and some drywall to do… πŸ˜₯

4th of July Yard Work.

lamb. (160k image)

Here in the National forest where fireworks are sensibly not allowed, we celebrate by doing our yard work for the summer! Randy mowed and I pruned and re-dug planter boxes and that sort of thing. Place looks pretty nice now, if I do say so! Here’s the lamb I won at Black Sheep. I planted… what else?… lambs ears! :laugh: I was going to put a begonia in it but found the grass was crowding out my little patch of lambs ears so changed my mind. I think she looks happy with the choice!
My woven bag is making slow progress and Randy has parked the mower and is now in the shop where it’s a bit cooler.
Hope you all have a sparkling 4th and a safe trip home if you’re traveling! πŸ™‚