Buggy Weaving!

Don’t let this Bug you! It’s a fun little project that takes only a hour or so to make.

Tiny Weaver Square

Weaving hook

Packing fork

Yarn needle

Wiggle eyes- optional

PomPom maker of your choice.

Yarn- dig though your stash.

You’ll need approx 19 yards of black plus more for the pompoms. I don’t know how much that takes. I used the smallest size in the Clover set.

Red: about 5 yards

For laddy I used a variegated yarn from Red Heart. You can used one of the automatic plaid yarns or design your own tartan plaid. Have fun with it, it takes very little yarn.

Weave 2 squares in black for their bellies.

One plaid square for Laddy.

One red and black for Lady. I wove a modified hounds tooth, 4 rounds red, two rounds black. You could also weave a red square and give her French knot spots.

Using the smallest pompom maker make two black pompoms for their heads, I left the starting and ending yarn long and moved it out of the way when I cut to make their antenna.

Put one colored square and one black square together and stitch around red line. Leave an opening between marks, turn right side out and lightly stuff, close seam.

The pompom is threaded though near the x. Position so the antenna are on or near the top of their ‘head’. Thread ties through the body, tie at bottom and hide ends inside. You can make a long stitch on their backs to indicate wings. If you have wiggle eyes and don’t intend these for small kids they can be glued onto the pompom.

I didn’t see any reason to give mine legs but that I leave to you.

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