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Randy spent most of yesterday digging us out. The county had just finally made one run up Coffee Creek road about 10:30 am but he’s already done ours little road and driveway. I understand some of the spur roads are still not dug out. that little loader we bought 20 years ago has certainly earned it’s keep! But we were happy to see the snow, winter was not looking good before this.


We finally got some. Can’t read that ruler very well but I’m not going out there again to take another one!  It’s right at 6″ on the bird feeder at the edge of the deck. But the wizards say it’s gonna warm up and rain. Clear up to 5500′!  That’s evil!



They say we are going to get some snow after all. So far all we have is frost and ice. Treasure Creek is starting to ice up

























and my deck is growing crystals!

I think that’s pretty neat! But… I am staying indoors as much as possible and working with the looms and knitting needles and warm fuzzy yarn! I hope you are staying warm, too! If you need a looms, check out my Etsy store for some bargains. Hazel’s Creations

Weaving the Norwegian Slippers

I saw this done with knitted squares and of course thought right away, I can do that with the looms! And I can. Sis made a pair that turned out nicely to fit her. I put mine in the washer and went away to cut put soles and they felted up to the maximum and look nice but do not fit me. Too small. The pair i made using the 3.5″ loom are also tightly felted and child size but I don’t know what size. They are about 5″ long. I used some squares I had in stash so the “pair” don’t match. But now I know what they will do, anyway.

I used the 7″ square loom. for the largte ones and the 3.5″ for the small ones.

A New project

Well, now that the holidays are over and things are more or less back to normal, I’ve gotten out the lovely, huggable alpaca yarn I bought at the Fiber Mania in Grants Pass, Oregon this past November and am weaving some replacements for the Hooded Scarves I sold there. I don’t usually sell my weavings but people kept asking and I decided that I needed to make some new ones to show at the fiber events anyway, so I gave in to a couple gentlemen buying wife gifts. lol
I’m weaving this one on our 14” tri loom and assembling them side to side. I have not yet decided if it will have a fringe. This hand spun alpaca seems a little fragile and I don’t know how a fringe would handle being washed. I may leave it plain or maybe crochet something.
I’m using an old fashioned stitch called fagoting to assemble the triangles. It give the scarf a bit of a lacy look while still being plenty warm. Because this is a thick & thin soft yarn of varied color I wove a plain weave, letting the yarn show itself.

I use the needle to hold the loop while I adjust the length of the stitch.

Once it’s blocked ( I block most things after assembly) it will look something like this.