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Mo shawl progress report

mohair_triangle_shawl (95k image)

Made some progress on the shawl. This is just 4 triangles wide. I’m planning on five. It’s going to be a very generous size, even for me, I think. It’s very light weight and soft. I’m putting it together using a fagotting stitch which is also lacy. Click where it says [read the rest here] to see a close-up of the fagotting stitch. Don’t know if I’ll get it finished tomorrow because Sis is coming down and we’re planning to try to finish the Video Project. :crazy:
Wish us luck! πŸ˜‰
Oh yes, that’s Robin checking my work. He makes sure I don’t slip up!
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mo_shawl_pieces (149k image)

Here’s the stack of squares and triangles I wove today. I decided to weave every other nail to give it a more open look and let the fuzziness of the yarn show to best advantage. That same fuzziness will also make sure the weaving stays in place.
It makes a very nice fabric, not a bit scratchy, which is a thing I was worried about. I think it was called kid mohair, but you can never tell. However, it’s very light and soft. πŸ™‚ The color ways are a bit shorter than I had thought. I’m not wholly enchanted with the little plaid… I had pictured larger areas of color. But I think it will make a lovely shawl. I’ll decide on the final shape of it as I go along. So… it’s started, it seems to be going a lot quicker than I thought it would and i might even get it together tomorrow. I wont’ be able to finish the fringe until I get the beads, tho.
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My next project…

mo2 (220k image)

I want to make this into a shawl using the 14″ tri and square looms. I’m even thinking of adding a beaded fringe to this one. It just seems the kind of yarn that needs a fringe but it has no weight so a bead on each should give it a bit of drape, I think. I’ve got a ways to go before I have to decide about that, tho! lol πŸ˜›

I’m still here…

blog (147k image)

Still have lots of company but they’re in the cabin next door and doing their “thing” so I can enjoy the company and still get my stuff done. What I’m doing today is painting the insides of my lower (old) cabinets white. They were raw plywood and very dark. Now maybe I can see what’s in there! Ooo fancy meeting that here! :laugh:
But I’ve also been lace knitting … or is that knitting lace? I joined a knit along…we’ll see if that helps! Anyway, I got a start on my little table cloth and I’ve also made a watch for my new Red Hat Dress. I finished the shrug. I’ll get Sis to take my portrait next month when I get all dolled up for our next meeting. Boy, I’m going to be elegant! lol πŸ™„
Oh yes, I’m also tending to the crop of pears. Looks like we aren’t going to get much from the apples this year. Himself is going to have to get the sprayer out. Of course, it doesn’t help when Mother Nature rains on the blossoms. The shower just missed us today but it’s getting cool. The wind brought down a lot of leaves, too. Ominous.

Hand Knitting

HandKnitting1 (107k image)

Knitting on my purple shrug. That’s one of the jewelery stitch markers Sis made for me. It’s that silvery black stone whose name I can never remember. Anyway, this ribbing is supposed to be 6″ wide but I’m not sure it’s going to make that! l πŸ˜₯ I’m still plugging along tho, so it’s possible.
By the way… I took this photo of me knitting with the camera tucked undr my chin!:P

I’m back in town.

Hell_Gate_sm (125k image)

Can you find me? 4th row left side, just behind the lady in the blue shirt. That’s Sis next to me in the orange. This jet boat trip was fun and not too wet! The pilot felt sorry for us as the day was warm but not very hot! This is a great trip so if you can go-do!
But it wasn’t all fun and games. In case you didn’t know, I spent the week with my sister in Rogue River, Oregon. We had a great time. Spent a lot of time just doing whatever we felt like at the time… visiting the animals, going shopping, knitting, talking, eating… We did work on the video and (I think!) have all the footage we need. She has to come down and do the editing on my computer, which we bought with all the goodies just for this project. (I hope! lol) That was all the weaving I did, tho, demo’s for the vid. But it was great just relaxing and letting Sis do the cooking and the cleaning up and me just sitting around supervising. 😎 Will she get hers when she comes down? :laugh:

The fiber content of the week

doily (215k image)

Here’s proof that I did do some fiber stuff. The lace knitter’s among you will notice quite a few “Original Design Elements” but, all in all, I’m pretty impressed with my first lace project! This doily was in the spring 2004 Knitter’s magazine. I’m now making a mess of the Pi shawl which Sis talked me into trying after I ooh-ed and ah-ed over hers. And now I see a really lovely one in the new Knit Picks catalog that, in cotton or linen thread, would make a great tablecloth for my little round table! What makes me think that’ll happen!?! lol Well, I did buy Meg’s book… just in case! Maybe Sis will need a xmas present for me…..? πŸ™„