What about Whoops!? When something bad happens to good weavings.

I wove a yoke and stitched it into by ‘store bought’ shirt. Looked great until I washed it. I like things I can just toss in the washer. I have some hand wash only clothing but mostly I go for fast and easy. So usually pay attention to the yarns I use. This time, however I obviously did not.

It came out of the wash shrunk and puckered. I had to try something so I got my scissors and cut it out. Good so far but that left the edge that was crocheted to the surrounding blocks. Well, too late now, the only thing to do was forge on! Starting in the center of each side, I cut the black crochet thread and carefully undid those edges freeing the rest of the bad one. I wove the ends in and found more of the same black yarn. I wove a new square using yarn I was sure would not shrink next time and crocheted the new square in place. Nothing else came loose and the new square fit in beautifully. Anothr project saved! You just need to be a little brave!