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Mt. Shasta from Vista Point on hwy 97

CampingBoys (115k image)

This was a shot taken the first day of their trip showing Mt. Shasta in the background. They all claimed to have had a good time. The boys slept in their tent and Randy in the back of the pick-up, in which he had a mattress. Said it was comfortable except for the voracious mosquito’s. A wet spring means a huge crop of those gals.
They visited the lava caves in the park and Medicine lake. Didn’t get to see Glass Mountain, tho, as that road was still snowed in. Randy was worried about the heat that was predicted for the weekend but said it neared freezing up in the high country that night! :hehe:

Our Weekend…

RogueBoata (264k image)

We sent the boys off with Grampa to go camping and Karen and I went to Rogue River to ride the jet boat up Hellgate Canyon with Rosy & Rex. (third row left side) It was over 100 degrees so getting soaked, as the pilots of these boats make sure you are, was not only delightful, but almost required! I did remember sunscreen so only got a tiny bit of burn where I missed. It was a fun ride. Next day we got pedicures and facials… well, all of us but poor Rosy who was just healing from a dandy case of poison oak which was a gift from the dog. That plant is really lush and potent this wet summer.
Then Monday we went with Rosy to her spinning guild meeting and then did the grocery shopping and came home. Just in time for the longest and loudest thunder storm we’ve had in some time! It must have hung over our house for a good 5 hours! There are just two small fires this morning, tho, since the storm was a wet one, also. But nobody got any sleep before 2 am and the dogs are still skittish today. More in the forecast for tonight… :confused:

Well, look at that!

ground_cover (184k image)

This ground cover has been growing in this barrel for at least 5 years and I’ve never seen it bloom before! I think this is the Year Of The Plants. It’s been cool and wet and, frankly, dreary for people but my plants have thrived (or it that thriven?) on it. Everything has bloomed beautifully, the fruit trees are heavily laden, the lawns and trees are still emerald green, and here’s this little yellow bloomer to top it off. Just goes to show. πŸ™‚
And my thermometer says 85 at 1:30 pm PST rather than 105 as was predicted! :O Pays to live in the mountains by a stream, ‘neath a still (barely) snowy peak. πŸ˜€

Envy me? πŸ˜‰

At the fair with Grampa

fair (77k image)
Grampa’s Co. sponsors a race car so they all packed up and went to the fair to watch the races. (No, they didn’t win) but they did have a good time and enjoyed the important part of the midway… food and fairings!


YoungJays1 (158k image)

I showed Mrs. Stellar Jay sitting on the nest some time ago but this afternoon when i went up to the shop I saw this wide-open view of the youngsters. There’s a third one there, I believe. Mom and Pop are out foraging to feed these open maws, as I have just done with two bigger ones. They got egg salad sandwiches and veggie soup instead of worms and grasshoppers but I seem to spend almost as much time feeding them! :laugh:
Grampa is taking the boys to the stock car races at the Fair grounds in Redding today so Karen and I have a free evening. Too bad there’s no place to go in Coffee Creek. πŸ˜‰ Well, Maybe I’ll go rent a movie.

A summer snow storm!

summer_snow7 (137k image)

I wish one of the photo’s I tried to take of the “snow” falling would come out. It’s been at it for sometime now but today it has been really thick! As most of you probably know, it’s cottonwood fuzz. They bloom every year and if each of these seeds got lucky the planet would be taken over in a season! :O But the kids love it and they don’t seem to cause anyone allergic reactions like the pine pollen, anyway. It also means– finally!– a nice hot summer day! It’s 80 degrees as I post. So nice after all the dreariness and rain.
Hope you are all enjoying a lovely day as well! πŸ™‚

A faulty “rescue”

Fawn (132k image)

Some friends came in with this little guy that they’d rescued off a back road. Just in case, I called the local rescue gal and she advised putting it back as I was pretty sure she would, so that’s what we did. It seemed very happy to be back and trotted off and hid under a bushy maple sapling. We’ll go back up before dark just to be sure it’s momma did come back for it.

I know it’s hard to resist an “orphan”, but please try to. Most of the time you’d be making an orphan rather than saving one. 😦

PS: We went back up just before Dark and there was a group of adults in the meadow and no sign of the fawn so I’m sure it is happily reunited with it’s mother.

A different game day

Monopoly2 (200k image)

This morning instead of the electronic Gameboy, they found the Monopoly board game. Their mom said it was one of her fav’s so they seem to have some idea of how it goes, but Shane, who is sometimes rather too trusting, is allowing Mac to dictate the rules. I sit here in the house listening to them though the window and I can tell that Shane is getting skunked! lol I think Mac just charged him rent when he landed on his own property! Rather unscrupulous, I think. I also heard him say “You owe me 10%” of something & I’m pretty sure neither of them have any idea of percentages yet so I’m kind of curious how that worked out. But I’m willing to bet it was in Mac’s favor! :blush:
But they are getting along and staying out of trouble! Yesterday I had to go hunt Mac who thought he might hike to the top of Billy’s Peak, which turned out to be a bit further than it looks! πŸ˜› He was able to hear the car horn and recognized it as a signal to come home. He’s such a little guy that I’m torn between letting him explore and fearing for his safety. I think of all the hours we spent wandering in the woods when we were kids and never worried, nor our parents either, to my knowledge. Why do I fear coyotes and bears and lions now? I only recall seeing a bear once when I was wandering in the woods, and we just tip-toed off in opposite directions from each side of that blackberry patch! :O
Well, I think Grampa is taking them exploring this weekend so they’ll be chaperoned. :laugh:

Boys n dogs

tug-a-war (21k image)

The boys live in the city and can’t have a dog at their apartment but they are certainly enjoying ours. and I think the dogs want to go home with them, too! Here’s Mac and Cori have a rather rowdy tug-a-war in the living room.