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A couple more Valentines ideas…

Playing with the SweetHeart loom again. ‘Tis the season, humm?

How about a pencil topper for your kiddie? Two woven with hand-spun wool this time and felted. They felted a little smaller and tighter. Sewed two together leaving a little hole in the bottom to fit the pencil in. Add beads, ribbon, embroider a smilie face… Stick it to a card with a new pencil or just tie on a name tag.


Or for that special someone…


Two hearts just single crocheted together, add beady eyes. I got a bunch more ideas, just need time to weave more hearts!

Hope you are thinking about joining our WAL! See Below.


We’re having a February Weave ALong On AGKnitters and you are invited to join. It’s going to be fun. We’re doing a new pattern this year but there’ll be others to share as well. If you need a loom, you know where to find the 4″ Multi square this WAL needs. Details are posted at  AGKnitters. Here’s a couple versions of the one we’ll be making.



Valentines Day

With Valentines day coming up I have been looking for ideas to make my own and … Guess what?! I found a couple. I know those of you who have the little SweetHeart loom will find many more.

What I did was to scan some lace with a grey-ish paper behind it. Then print that out. Or you can buy lots of really great papers to use.


Then add a woven heart or two…


And then add a message. There are many of you with a talent for embroidery who could do a nicer job than my attempts, but you get the idea. I would love to see what you create!


And I found this cute project elsewhere.

They used felt hearts but we can do better than that!


Rainy day… at last!

What a lovely sound to wake up to! It’s finally raining. Not just a few drops and a failed promise but a real rain! And the snow level looks to be about 4500′, too! A lovely day. I am spending it sitting here by the fire weaving… you guessed it… blocks for a new doll dress. I guess if you are in anyway acquainted with me, you already know I love my dollies. I am using the Bookmark loom this time. have the basic top assembled and am working panels for the skirt. I dont’ have a full picture of where this is going. Partly it depends on how many I can get out of this skein that I bought on sale at the Bluebird Yarn shop in Sausalito on our Christmas trip to Randy’s Mom. Should have gotten more, this is nice stuff!

Himself is out in the shop building looms so I’ll have to spend my afternoon at the sanding bench but meantime, this is so nice. Weaving a rain. With  some cocoa and chocolate chip cookies it would be heavenly. Hope your day is going as beautifully, too!


I hate web stuff

I have been trying and trying to get here to post on my blog. But everything had been changed and when I finely did get here to post nothing looked even vaguely like what was here before. I wonder if I am in the right place yet. Guess I’ll just try posting this and see if it shows up on the blog. We’re shopping for wood tomorrow but I’ll check back Wednesday.

Hope your 2014 is starting out on a better note!

But I’m going to bed.