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Something fishy… at last!

Fish1 (23k image)

They struck it rich yesterday! Five nice fat trout. None of them had eaten trout before and all enjoyed them for dinner tonight. Me, too! 🙂 They’ve gone out to try their luck again this evening.

A new kind of sock

HeelSocks1c (36k image)
Karen, who goes barefoot or wears sandals if she has to wear shoes, says her heels dry and crack and she has to grease them and wear socks at night but she hates socks becuse they make her feet too hot. So she wanted “heel socks”. Okay… :confused: Well, this is what I came up with and she seems delighted with them. It’s Opal yarn on #1 & 2 bamboos. I made the heel a little long because she has really high arches, and started and ended 2/2 with ribbing.

Dam Building in Coffee Creek

DamBuilding3 (99k image)
We all trooped up this afternoon to build up the dam that puts water into Treasure Creek. Randy says we’ve raised the water level about 5″. The dogs went along but I can’t say they helped much! We got it done by the time the thunderstorm moved in and and were in dry clothes and sitting on the porch before it started raining. Didn’t rain a lot, just enough to help dampen any lightening strikes. I hope! 😦
Sure cooled things off, tnicely, tho. It was 85 degrees when we went up and is down to 63 now. Guess we’ll eat dinner inside tonight since the picnic table is quite wet!

A hot summer day

swimming2 (34k image)
After Rosy left, Karen took the kids swimming. The popular holes were full on such a hot day so they wandered off up Ramshorn Creek and found a nice place to play in the water. Stephanie had seconds thoughts about riding this shute! lol

A birthday

ScrabbleRosy5 (67k image)
Rosy came down and we celebrated her birthday a week or so late. Had some candles on a “cake” and mostly played scrabble. Karen, Rosy and I were the regulars with each of the kids coming and going for a game thoughout the day! One rather hilarious game with Stephanie… Rosy said she’d forgotten how much fun teenagers could be! :laugh: But they are all fun and it was a wonderful visit. We females are planning a trip to Rogue River for a ladies day. I think we’ll probably see the bears and hit the bead & yarn shops in Grants Pass. We’re sending the boys camping with Grumpa. 🙄
Oh yes, I’m spreading on a little bug repelent… there were a few misquito’s in the evenings, but not bad enough to run us indoors!

An FO!

6-9karens_weaving_finished2a (35k image)
Karen’s happy moment! The shawl is done and coming off the loom! It’s very pretty. She combined those leftovers very well! I’ll get a pciture of her wearing it tomorrow. Grandmother sat wrapped in it this evening while she watched us playing scrabble on the patio and it seemed to be doing it’s job.

The next step

6-24karens_weaving_after (28k image)

She thought she’d try the smaller looms as the family was really happy to have the big loom out of the room! 😛 Stephanie thinks a hood for the shawl would be a great idea. Hummm…. Well, it’s worth a try. Isn’t that pretty much what Little Red Riding Hood wore? Should be safe… we have no wolves in these woods. At least not the 4 legged kind! :laugh:

Yet Another weaver!

WeavingLesson3a (43k image)
Stephanie thought she might like to try. But after some struggles, she decided she just wasn’t up to weaving at this point in her career. That’s okay, too. We need someone to admire our work! lol And model it!

Gone Fishin’

FirstFishing4 (55k image)

The boys wanted to go fishing so they spent the morning digging worms and we went to the dredge pond this evening. They didn’t catch anything but Karen has promised to take Chris in the morning, when they might be biting. We could see the trout swimming around but they weren’t hungry. Even the Osprey wasn’t having any luck. But we enjoyed watching him scanning the pond from on high. Karen took this shot of me encouraging Chris in his endeavors. We roasted hotdogs over the BBQ grill tonight and they are “camping” on the lawn.

A mermaid

KangarooLakeStephLog (27k image)
In spite of the snow melting into the lake on the north bank Stephanie say it wasn’t “that cold”! she spent quite a bit of time swimming and managed to stand on this log and even, after pitching off backward once, to dive off properly. Elevation here is probably about 5000′. A pretty lake that has been made handicap accessible. That means paved paths and a nice cement “dock”. There were 30-40 people there but I saw none that seemed handicapped. The dogs did okay, Jack being better behaved than Cori. Well, since he slept most of the time it would be hard to beat him! lol