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Home again!

We’re back in Coffee Creek after our long trip to Washington. We drove up for the Fiber Fusion NW show in Monroe, Washington and enjoyed greatly meeting new folks there. The crew put on a very professional show and we look forward to going back next year.
And since we spent our ‘vacation time’ this year building a new shop we decided to come home the long way. We went east from Monroe and explored Washington, Idaho, and into the western part of Montana. What a huge variety of country, everything from forested and craggy mountains to miles and miles of nearly flat country, not quite desert and not quite prairie. Long green valleys surrounded by bald and rolling hills. And the fall colors were brilliant. This photo was taken at Steamboat Rock Campground in Washington, not far from Boulder Dam, which we also visited.

It was an great trip, I have many, many photos, too many to share but any time you get a chance to visit this great country of ours, do it!
But now we’re back to work making looms and getting in firewood for the fast approaching winter. And somewhere in there I need to weave a couple of Christmas gifts! Oh yes… on that subject, be sure to check the project page on the web site for the newly posted Christmas Socking pattern! Free, of course!