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Another SweetHeart project!

Kiwiquilter posted some of her mug rugs on Ravelry the other day and showed one on a saucer, waiting for the teacup and A Light Came On! I use paper napkins under my soup bowls but why not woven mats?! I had a pile of swatch squares so I stitched 4 together  to try for size. Not a bad fit but not what I wanted. The 6″ square might be closer but then I saw some posts on the Facebook Pin Loom group using the Sweetheart and another Light Came On! My soup ‘mugs’ have an apple design and the heart looks a little appley… with a little help. So here’s what I can up with and I am quite pleased with it and intend to make more.

First the square one. Keep in mind that it uses misc. swatches just for size and is not a design. This size would work, I could even fold in the tips of the corners if I wanted it more sort of round.


But I like this one better. The leaves are knitted and  I crocheted a little stem. I know this is a short post, but I have more SweetHearts to weave!




It was suggested that I put the worm in his mat so here’s His & Hers!

his-n-hers worm

Next project.

Got this Tee at a fair last year, forgot which. Did not work with the yarn I had in mind so am now using this neon Simply Soft acrylic to weave on the Tiny Weaver square. It’ll be another yoke for a top.  Has to be machine washable for me. I think it’s going to work. I wove the blocks and am now working a single crochet around each one. I think I will then just sew them together with an overhand stitch. Not exactly camo, huh?! Much as i enjoyed the natural covers of my last project, I thought it was time for something Bright!

DSC03376 a