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Getting ready

We’ll be leaving for Nampa, Idaho on Friday  so are busy getting thing organized. If you pardon my using that word in is loosest sense! Well, Himself is Organized. I’m just hoping for the best, organization not being one of my strongest traits. But I am making lists.

Meantime, I have had interest in the Baby Wolf but no one so far has claimed it. We will not load it up unless someone asks us to bring it along.

And we’re getting the garden in while it is rainy and a little cooler, giving things a good start. I’m trying some Alaskan corn this year. We never get a good corn crop as it just is not warm enough here but this one claims it likes it a bit cooler. It seems to be doing well so far! X your fingers for it!



And the roses are as lush and beautiful as ever! My deck looks like there’s been a wedding with all the petals there!


If you get a chance to come to Fiber Train in Nampa, I do hope you’ll come by and see us. This is our first year there with the looms and we are looking forward to visiting this historical city.



Baby Wolf Loom for Sale

 The baby has gone to a new home where I hope everyone will be happy and useful!

I am having to admit I am never going to have time to use this loom again. Himself claimed he wanted to learn, but he also did not get to it in the last year so it’s going to have to find a new home. I have used it for several projects and it did a fine job and was fun to weave on. I bought it without accessories but will include these things with the loom. I bought all this (pictured) extra so you will be getting a deal. If you have any doubts, price them yourself. Also, if you are in need of them, I have learning to weave books I can send along.

We are quite a bit out of the way for most people so I am listing the shows we will be visiting this summer. If you are interested in the loom you can contact us and we will deliver it to any of these places, hopefully one will be handy for you.

Nampa, ID in May

Hamilton, MT & Eugene, OR in June

Arcata & Boonville, CA and Canby, OR in Sept. We are occasionally in Medford OR throughout the year also.

Okay, the loom: If you are interested I will try to find space to get the loom open and take more pictures.

Four Harness Baby Wolf (New sells for $1799 -2300) I want $1000 for everything but am willing to deal.


Brand new never been used lease sticks and raddle. I paid $120 for the raddle.


Boat shuttles, stick shuttles, some extra heddles, lots of bobbins. Boat shuttles run around $40 depending on size and brand.  Sticks around $10 each. Mine are used but not very much. Lots of bobbins.


Several years worth of HandWoven magazine if you want them. Plenty of projects to keep you busy for years.



It’s the 8th of May and the roses are in full bloom. Definitely an early spring. A little cool this week and windy but still getting a lot of gardening done. My Alaskan corn is up and growing. this is going to be an interesting experiment. It is a small corn designed to grow in adverse conditions.  I think the weather this year qualifies for that!   But I thought that if it is successful in Alaska it ought to produce a couple ears down here. X your fingers!

Meantime,. I have not made any progress on the demo vest. I am thinking I may just give up and do the cut and sew. At least I’d have a vest I could wear. I don’t suppose everything has to be a big challenge, some thing can just be easy, huh? And I got out my bag of squares which I think are wool or silk or…? I’

ve forgotten, only that they are not likely to be machine washable. I am putting a couple things though the gentle cycle this morning and am adding one each of these blocks just to determine what will happen. If they dont’ entirely ruin, I will go from there. I am thinking another vest. This one ought to be lighter weight, tho, more fit for cool summer mornings and evenings.

Meantime back to spring… the rhubarb is also ready!  I’m not a fan of strawberries with it but I made it half and half with a couple sweet apples and it is just yummy! Tamed the Rhubarb a bit and gave the apples a little jazz. We’ve made big holes in two pies so far and I have the makin’s for a 3rd! I think I’ll wait until next week with that one as sis is planning a trip down.

rhubarb apple pie