A UK Weaver

Jacqueline Bell of the UK shared some photos of her work with us recently and gave me permission to re-post the pictures. This woman does wonderfully creative work. Her workmanship is as superb as her design abilities. Bitsa Throw Cushions     Rainbow throw  Sloppy Joe  Boucle Triangles Throw And last, a blanket Jacky said was made in the 1950’s by family members using the old Weave-it looms. 1957 Throw This weaver has promised me more photos of her work to share and inspire! I love seeing the wonderful work weavers are making with the looms. Makes the long hours out in the shop seem worthwhile! Happy Weaving!

One thought on “A UK Weaver

  1. Dh just happened by the desk as I was scrolling through this and tells me, “make me one like the rainbow one!” Guess I’d better get busy, his birthday is in 11 more months. LOL Beautiful work! Feel free to use any of the pictures from my Etsy or Ravelry pages of the woven heart stuff I have up! I was working on stuffing woven hearts all day yesterday, and by the end of the day I felt so bubbly and happy! Love your looms!!!!


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