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The 20th Anniversary Fine Sett Quilt Weaver Looms!

These new looms are for weaving with your finer yarns:  Lace, Fingering, some of the finer sock weights. You’ll love the beautiful light smooth fabrics you can weave as well as the exciting textures that can work on this close weave. They come in the same lovely woods that your favorite regular Quilt Weavers or you can mix and match. Both the 7 inch and the 31/2inch sets are available as singles or sets.

Indian Summer?

No, I don’t think so. Thermometer says it’s 71, that’s a nice temperature, I guess. The day started out at 35 and a fire in the wood stove. Nothing summery about that. Lovely, tho. I canned 9 more pints of apple sauce. I think that’s about 18 so far. Many more apples to deal with. I need to put some in the freezer for pies. More applesauce. He wants to try his hand a cider. I’m thinking of drying a few, maybe chopped bit for adding to oatmeal or snack mixes. Below are from Noel’s tree, not sure what they are but good. Crispy, sweet tart. Good for cooking or eating. There’s 3 lugs of these, two of the Romes and a half bucket of Hyde Kings. Plus the pears are still hard tho turning yellow.

Sarah and Rachael came by the other day to visit. It was good to see them . She’s bought a house in Weaverville so will be almost a local! Rachael is 13 now, hard to believe. Karen’s been gone 7 months. We’re getting old. My mom told me it would happen, tho I didn’t believe her, of course. On the brighter side, they brought me a pumpkin! A decorative one this time, prettier than my wagon load. Not going to carve it, we get no trick- or-treaters up here. The school in Trinity Center has posted a map showing houses and groups  who will have treats to pass out. So the kids all go down there where the houses are closer together. Can’t blame them I guess, but I used to enjoy seeing them in their costumes.

Himself just brought home another load of fir fire wood.  And some oak. A neighbor took out a bunch of fallen and broken firs this summer after the storm last winter and offered it to us. Can’t say no to free firewood, but I think we’re working on next year. He doesn’t leave this winter’s wood supply until fall like he used to. The wood shed is almost full plus this.

Well, That’s pretty much all I have to say. I’ve done a little weaving on my winter pants project but have been spending most of my time in the shop or the kitchen! But it’s a quiet time of year. Summer folk and hunters all gone home. Our closest neighbor has moved down south, San Diego or someplace at that end of the state. Well, Noel’s here but he comes and goes. Here now, asking for apple pie! lol I gave him apple cake. I can do that in one bowl without counter space that pie crust’s take. The kitchen is full of canning stuff now. Pies later.

So anyway, I hope you are all enjoying a lovely fall. It’s been the prettiest one we’ve had in a few years. And, of course, I never remember to take my camera when I go out. But I guess Autumn leaf pictures are like sunset pictures, it’s the immediate impact that counts and it never translates into photographs.

Happy Halloween!

Some stuff.

I am going to post the basic instructions for the Diamond Top here. If you want a pdf you must email me and I’ll send it along. It has been very popular but you must keep in mind that this is not a one size fits all. This one was made to fit Madelyn, who is quite thin. I am working on the sizing problem and will post as I came up with options. meantime if you make adjustments to fit yourself I do hope you will share them here for the rest of us.

top layout vertical

Above is a chart of the Diamond Top. Assemble rows vertically first then horizontally. This makes the least seams and also helps the diamonds line up nicely. The dotted lines on the front are the shoulders. Assemble front and back, fold on dotted line, and stitch in place. It works, however strange it may seem here. Then sew up the side seams

I worked a row of single crochet and then a row of reverse single crochet (crab stitch) around the neckline to stabilize it a bit. If you find it needs this and you don’t crochet (you really should learn, it’s very useful) you can sew on a bit of lace or trim for the same purpose.

The measurements are of my top for Madelyn. Yours may vary with your weaving style and the yarn you use.

One more thing, in case any of you need looms, I have posted a few misc discounted looms for sale on Ravelry Looms To Go sale thread, The detail are there.


Getting ready

We’ll be leaving for Nampa, Idaho on Friday  so are busy getting thing organized. If you pardon my using that word in is loosest sense! Well, Himself is Organized. I’m just hoping for the best, organization not being one of my strongest traits. But I am making lists.

Meantime, I have had interest in the Baby Wolf but no one so far has claimed it. We will not load it up unless someone asks us to bring it along.

And we’re getting the garden in while it is rainy and a little cooler, giving things a good start. I’m trying some Alaskan corn this year. We never get a good corn crop as it just is not warm enough here but this one claims it likes it a bit cooler. It seems to be doing well so far! X your fingers for it!



And the roses are as lush and beautiful as ever! My deck looks like there’s been a wedding with all the petals there!


If you get a chance to come to Fiber Train in Nampa, I do hope you’ll come by and see us. This is our first year there with the looms and we are looking forward to visiting this historical city.



Baby Wolf Loom for Sale

 The baby has gone to a new home where I hope everyone will be happy and useful!

I am having to admit I am never going to have time to use this loom again. Himself claimed he wanted to learn, but he also did not get to it in the last year so it’s going to have to find a new home. I have used it for several projects and it did a fine job and was fun to weave on. I bought it without accessories but will include these things with the loom. I bought all this (pictured) extra so you will be getting a deal. If you have any doubts, price them yourself. Also, if you are in need of them, I have learning to weave books I can send along.

We are quite a bit out of the way for most people so I am listing the shows we will be visiting this summer. If you are interested in the loom you can contact us and we will deliver it to any of these places, hopefully one will be handy for you.

Nampa, ID in May

Hamilton, MT & Eugene, OR in June

Arcata & Boonville, CA and Canby, OR in Sept. We are occasionally in Medford OR throughout the year also.

Okay, the loom: If you are interested I will try to find space to get the loom open and take more pictures.

Four Harness Baby Wolf (New sells for $1799 -2300) I want $1000 for everything but am willing to deal.


Brand new never been used lease sticks and raddle. I paid $120 for the raddle.


Boat shuttles, stick shuttles, some extra heddles, lots of bobbins. Boat shuttles run around $40 depending on size and brand.  Sticks around $10 each. Mine are used but not very much. Lots of bobbins.


Several years worth of HandWoven magazine if you want them. Plenty of projects to keep you busy for years.