pattern for Ducks Quilt.

If you are interested in making this Ducks Quilt here is the layout I used. I sewed my blocks together with the over hand stitch.  I added the row of yellow blocks using the blue to crochet these onto the top and bottom to make the square quilt a bit more rectangular. After sewing the 9 yellow blocks together, I did a row of single crochet on the bottom edge of that strip and another row of single crochet on the top edge of the assembled blanket. Then I worked a slip stitched to connect the two rows. Repeat at the bottom of the blanket. Then I worked a border of two rounds of single crochet in blue and yellow. You all know you can email me at any time if you have any questions about this project or about the looms. I’d love to see your projects, too!

I forgot to add that the yarn I used was some very nice Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, called Multi Cotton. It suggested hand washing but I put it in the machine for a short gentle wash. I also put it in the drier until just barely damp and dried it the rest of the way laid out flat. It did fine.

Lay out for duck quilt

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