Tuesday morning…

12-28-04a (38k image)
That berm is as solid as cement! There is so much water in this snow that when you make a bootprint the water runs into it immediately and about 6″ deep. There’s a good 14″ or more of it on the level. Well, at least it isn’t raining this morning, but the forecast though next tue is for more of the same. Winter… isn’t it scenic? lol 😛 Hope you are keeping warm, where ever you are!

One thought on “Tuesday morning…

  1. Looks beautiful from where I’m sitting! It’s gonna get back up into the 80’s here this whole next week! That’s got to be the all time shortest winter ever! 😛

    Love the diamond square down there in the last blog. I’m going to have to order me up a couple of those diamond looms after we get out of the holiday mess and I have a bit of cash flow again.

    Hope you are staying warm too!


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