More snow…

!snow6 (35k image)
We got the rest of the predicted foot last night and then it started raining so it’s a real sloppy mess. Power went out again about 2:30 am and just came on again (and off and on lol) about 2 pm.So I got the dishwasher & the vacuuming done in a hurry… just in case! Now I have to do a bit of printing. The last book got stopped abut half way though when the power went out yesterday. The two “ice cream cones” in this picture are my bird bath and the BBQ. There’s lot of broken and downed trees. Our Mountain Ash is looking bad … again. 😦
Well, nothing in the forecast now but gloom and rain. I can handle that if the power stays on! I’ll get a picture of what I’ve been doing to pass the time and post it here soon.
Stay warm!

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